Who Affirms You?

It’s something we all need in life.

which-step-are-you-onMaybe, it’s even something we seek for and our behavior is simple proof that we are looking for affirmation. In the absence of getting those high-fives, slaps on the back and atta-boys from those close to us that we respect, we extend our reach to others. Maybe, just maybe, we even have to “act out” in order to get the approval.

And acting out often leads to strange paths. We see this all the time. And it leads others to acting out even more.

Could it be this is the issue we see with so many around us? They were never affirmed from someone they needed in their life, so they become extremist in action. Their burgeoning actions kept spreading till eventually they are so far removed from their past one might never recognize them. Somewhere along the way they find the affirmation they are missing.

“Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.” ~Tia Walker

Yes. We are bombarded with negatives. Images from those we put on a pedestal because they can sing or act. Perhaps from some magic fingers business person who has the propensity for making good choices and a lot of money in the process. Sport figures who are so pumped and primed for their activity that nothing and no one else matters.

We sometimes put ourselves in these positions when we compare ourselves to someone else, and then seek for the affirmation that you can become just like them.

Now, without saying it too loudly, I do believe in “self affirmation” statements. Affirming yourself to yourself. We have probably done this without even thinking it… “I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.” Over and over we affirm the positive instead of saying things like, “There’s no way I can do this. No way at all. No. Nope. Nada. Zip. No way at all…”

Affirmations can be positive. And they can be negative. The way you speak to a child often affirms to them whether they are capable, or not.

Consider this thought about affirmation. Sometimes we never hear, nor perceive, when someone is affirming us in their own unique way. Just maybe that special someone did not know you needed verbal affirmation. Maybe all they thought was necessary was a hug, or high-five, a thumbs up, or even a head nod. Maybe that’s all they ever received themselves, hence, it may be all they can ever give.

We need to find the signals of affirmation that are more than just words!

Some years back I quit looking for affirmation from just any ol’ person. No, there are special people in my life that I need affirmation from to know that I’m doing a good job with what my vocation and calling. In this life, several of them know who they are, but in my spiritual walk I always seek God’s approval more than any other person.

From many sources of scriptures I find that when God calls out to a person, the best answer to give is: “Here I am”…

  • Abraham (Genesis 22:1, 11)
  • Jacob, who will someday be renamed Israel (Genesis 31:11, 46:2)
  • Moses at the burning bush (Exodus 3:4)
  • Samuel the Prophet when God called him as a child (1 Samuel 3:4-16)
  • Isaiah the Prophet when God was looking for someone to send (Isaiah 6:8)
  • Ananias, a disciple called to minister to Saul (Acts 9:10)

One of the best affirmations you can receive is answering God’s call to you. He thought enough of you to call. Think enough of him to answer. God affirms you with a call… Affirm him with a reply. This then shows the obverse. Affirm God with a blessing and he will affirm you with his Grace.


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