I’m Reminded All Over Again

In reality, I’m the sum part of who I am a part of!

Circles 1Think about it for a moment… Drawing a Big Circle around my life includes you! Life and living can be extremely complicated, complex and often confusing as the intersecting pieces of my life meet and cross over each other. Consider that I am an individual identified by this image of a blue circle. I am identified by that blue circle.

What you may not see since I have been married over 40 years is that circle includes my sweet bride. We are two, who became one before God. (Matthew 19:6) There is no division between us, yet each of us has a different history: our personal family, friends and connection to you! It’s a geometric equation that identifies there are different set’s of individuals based upon the different parts and roles of life we live. Yet we are one. Inseparable.

Circles 1aStart the layering of all of our family, friends, and you, of course, then our single circle becomes dissected by all the other circles of influences.

If you follow my logic then you can see how my one circle gets overlaid with family, friends, and you, of course. Sometimes, the circles of connections complement, while others clog. At times the connections are severed, while new ones arrive. Some are enjoyable, others are tolerated, and there are others who we are still waiting to see what their connection will become like.

Okay, snap your magic fingers, and voila’…
One connection can easily shift and become a connection of another nature!
Even to a complete stranger!

Circles 2aCircles 3Life’s connections can often be crude, unfulfilled, and stressful.
What we want is the flower of perfect life and living.
Our weird intersections of life are often confusing.
Life is layered and filtered.
Many never know the load each one carries.
But a load is there.
Seldom perfect.

In a flash, I think of the Apostle Paul where he notes all the occurrences of life – and he wraps up his statements with this statement.

…besides the other things, what comes upon me daily: my deep concern for all the churches.
(2 Corinthians 11:28 NKJV)

Notice his phrase… Daily. One translation identifies it as a “daily pressure” and we all know what this means. The pressures of our lives can sometimes be very difficult to handle. Crushing weights. Hard decisions. Questions, questions, and more questions. Few answers. Disappointments. Joy. More Pressure.

Sometimes these pressures are tough to handle.

So, back up a little bit from Paul’s statement and look at his earlier life. Before he converted to be a follower of Christ, he ravaged the church (Acts 8:3), dragging followers to prison and approving of executions. His actions scattered the church, and a miracle occurred. Everywhere the church went they preached the Word!

This made me think, what if every connection to our personal world was not as convoluted as the drawings show, but was viewed as our personal field of evangelism? If you had something to sell then I’m sure you look at each person as a potential customer!

Last week I ran into two different individuals that connected with the circle of my life. One man had been stationed at Fort Lewis, an army base near to my church and home. He knew where I lived! The other man played football with my wife’s cousin and this causes me to reach out to my circle of friends and track down the relative, hopefully to get them re-connected!

Still, we face tortured, forced, complex, desired, enjoyed and dreaded connections. Some really enjoyed, and others really hated. Yet, each represents a field, just like the two above.

Now, think this through with me. Are we accountable to God for how we relate to this connection?

If so, what grade would you give yourself?

French ProtractorNearly 50 years ago I remember owning one of the French Protractors. With all the available options you could draw a perfect image. People, Cars, Houses, and all those things you wish you could make just perfect! Everything could be perfect and proportional. Lines could be straight or wavy, and the geometric angles would be properly proportionate to your imagination.

Here’s the rub. Life is not perfect. We should really think about our responsibility to the imperfect world we find ourselves living in.

I want to be a good Godly example to every person I come in contact with. How about you?


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