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When We Vacation…

Butchart Sunken Gardens

I am looking for a time and place of escape. We go when the majority of others are at work, and in school. Popular places in the off season often means fewer accessible touristy activities, but the quietness of the absence of crowds often makes it more enjoyable.

This is often the time that going to a city retreat can be enjoyable. Nestled at the outer harbor, filtered morning sun shows the beauty of floating docks, house boats, sailing vessels, and a slowly starting day. Did I say one of my favorite things take off and land out there? Float Planes!

True, noise from the workers that must be about their work day can drown out the quietness, but if you accept it as a background hum, then you can relax with the sleepy quietness before you. And believe me, the view is quiet enough to make the other noise fade quickly away!

Victoria Outer Bay
Victoria Outer Bay

If it be truly known, I have gotten to the point of enjoying my time immensely away from people, rather than around them. Crowds, and closed in feelings, distress me. Sitting in the back, or walking on the edges of crowded spaces is preferable. Viewing the gardens at Butchart was more enjoyable in the silence of sprinkles, cool temps, and few people.

Our church got us a gift certificate for Victoria Clipper, a ferry service between Seattle and Victoria, BC, just shy of 3 hours in and about the San Juan’s. We finally found the time to schedule a few days away, and have thoroughly enjoyed the escape. After a few days in Texas, and getting sick in the process (!), laying around and recouping is a necessary “evil”. Since we showed up on the Clipper, and it’s off season, most of our mode of transportation has been hoofing it. No! Car-less! I’ve sweated through several shirts with fever and shook off a number of calories fighting the fever. But I’ve enjoyed every step.

victoria-tempsSo. Today is total R&R.

The temps are comfortable, light rain, and crowd-less!

We bought some soup at a local market, and will probably have a pizza delivered this evening. Some cookie dough so we’ll have some sweets. Coffee’s on. I plan on catching up on news, reading, sleeping, and pure relaxation.

With this view off our porch I can only imagine this to be one of the best days ever!

Just a side note. Please, take your down time seriously. Our lives are stiflingly busy and you will burn out too soon.