Day Of Memories

This week has been a time of remembering!

memories-001From 45 years ago, to the present, and throw in a  couple of those even earlier memories, today represents a culmination of joyful times.

Where do our memories come from? The ones you want to remember often are a result of times spent spontaneously. When we were newly wed, my cousin and his wife would call us (several times) as late as 10 pm and invite us to go to Galveston with them, eat a midnight meal, watch the sun come up at the beach, breakfast and then head home. The first time was the summer of Jaws…and we found a dead shark on the beach…Great Memories!

Little memories are often more enjoyed than big events.

Yet we focus so much energy on the big things. Money, plans and results are more important than the treasured nuggets, but it’s those small slices of moments that cause us to recall with a warm fuzzy feeling of completeness.

Today we will share memories with friends, family and strangers of my mother-in-law, Loyce Foshee. Like the arms of a loved one, it is my hope to embrace every person hearing so that each recalls their own special memories to enjoy.

At lunch yesterday, it was noted that we each remember the same event differently. For our own perspective, shaded by the lens through which we see life, we recall the details unique to our own perspective. It is even possible to remember a sad event, and repaint the story line so it becomes happy. Or vice versa. Some scientist believe we subtly shade our storage of memories each time they come to light in our minds. Colors will be different, or at least shaded sharper by other memories. Someone’s name will slip from the storage place, and no amount of defragging or restoring from a backup will recover the name.

Here’s my thought. It’s good to have memories, but it is better to share. A far richer experience is enjoyed when you sit around a table saying, “Hey…. Hey…. Remember when…..”. Laughter, bonding and a tighter hold on your family and friends exist. As my brother said last night, “I miss these times of laughing.”