It’s a New Day

For a number of years…

I have had a common question I ask when greeting strangers in the market, or another place of business:

It’s Friday, right?

It may be any other day of the week, but the purpose of the question is to open the door for conversation. It may even be Friday… it matters little. I have an avenue to neutral territory. Nothing about politics, or the weather, or about their job. I want to start a new subject, just like we often want the experience of a Friday before the weekend.

Whew! Made it. Work week is ending. Now for some downtime.

Through the years I’ve made many acquaintances that begins the road to friendship, or just a casual “How you doing?” It is a sad affair to pass through life missing the opportunity to connect. In a personality analysis, I realize some are morning people, as I am, and it’s easy to be the sunshine as the new day starts. Others are night owls and they are slow to awake to the new day possibilities, but that does not mean they have no opportunities! No, for them it’s a different process.

But opportunities abound for everyone.

Breathing out peace, kindness and the hope for joy is who I want to be! That is what makes the New Day exciting.

This is what makes me tick!