Friday Night Lights

It’s fall, and that means…

Channelview Fighting Falcons
Channelview Fighting Falcons

High School Football! Friday Night…

Teams have been practicing and preparing for last nights big game of the week. Forget about what happened last week, let’s practice to Win…Win…Win!

Cheerleaders. Drill teams. Marching Bands. Cheering Students. Coaches and staff. Family and Friends.

It can be a big night of excitement, along with those agonies of defeat.

My High School Cameras
My High School Cameras

Back in the day, I went to every sporting event possible. As the school photographer I could hitch a ride on any school bus, to and from the event. Photo’s were the memories of those sporting events. Up and down the sidelines I would lug the school’s┬átrusty twin lens reflex camera, or my 35 MM SLR, and snap action shots. Hopefully, something was good enough to end up in the local paper, the school newspaper, or the school Annual.

Yesterday, a 300 mile drive from the hotel to the cemetery, then to a friends house in The Woodlands, and then to Orange, TX to pick up my family, before returning to the hotel for an ending rest. I chanced upon some memories as I saw football fields lit, buses streaming all around, and even an 18 wheeler painted proudly of the Eagles (?) Marching Band of Barbers Hill.

I was so enticed to pull over and sit in the stands for a little bit. Reminiscing. The night air was cool – a cold front had passed through. Its improbable I would have known anyone in the stands, but I did drive through little towns where I know someone. Cleveland. Tarkington Prairie. Batson. Sour Lake. Even Beaumont! Back to the Hotel – Baytown, Highlands, Channelview, Galena Park School District! Houston.

Who knows. A renewed friendship could have been enjoyed.

But I kept driving. There was no time to stop and smell the roses of the past. One of these days…