From Four Stories Up

A few weeks ago…

2016-10-05-23-36-07We enjoyed some down time in another country… Okay. It was Canada. And it’s my next door neighbor. But it is another country. We stayed near the docks where boats and houseboats reside. Beautiful pic’s, cool temps, few people, and mostly a time to recover from some sickness I had acquired the week before.

While enjoying the view from four stories up, I grasped something that has everything to do with perspective.

We all need to step back from life and take a fresh new look at who and where we are, and which direction we are going. Sometimes the view is from down in the mulligrubs, fighting with everyday life, perhaps with a tenacity that will not quit. Other times it’s from a view a few stories above it all where the perspective changes. No longer looking at what is directly in front of you, you now get to see a few blocks away.

Life needs a view from four stories up, every so often.

Down at street level you are generally limited in scope, but upstairs you get to see what’s happening a few blocks, or miles, away. Maybe it’s like a submarine coming up to periscope depth and raising the eye piece above surface to get a true “look see”.

While chatting with a friend last week, I explained that we had found someone to look over our shoulder at some financial decisions we needed to make as we prepare for life 10 years from now. When you are at street-level it is difficult to see the way forward. But someone who can stand behind you and look at what you are seeing, and then translate it forward to the results of your choices, well, that’s someone we should all seek out.

A “career counselor” should not be looking at the next job step a client may be willing to take, but 20 years down the road and giving advice on how to get to that spot way down there!

Many of us get through the day or week just fine. But we sure need perspective to figure out life a few years down the road.

Would the prodigal son have taken the steps he did had he known life would be in the pigpen?

The problem is not the advice, but the one to whom advice is given. We often fail to take heed to the directional choices before us when we cannot see the forest for all the trees. When advising someone of a negative path a third party was taking, they declared, “We don’t agree to that.” What? The reality says this is happening, and you do not agree to what’s happening? Put your ostrich head in the sand and see if life changes when you decide to look around you again!

Better yet, put all your faith in Braniff Airlines all you want…it is going under! And it did. 1982.

So. The problem is not only the one who receives the advice, but it is also with the advice giver. I’ve heard from too many over the years that declare “this is the business you need to be in” only to hear the same person say the same thing about a different business as few as 3 months from now.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

One man tried his best to get me into a partnership with him, but his record of successes were not there to prove this was a good opportunity. YOU, yes YOU. You must be aware of success and failure rate of the GIVER to know whether you Should, or Should NOT, get involved.

I guess my thought is this. It all rests upon our own personal shoulders to live our life, and to find the advice we need in order to progress from Point A to Point Z. If you never seek out advice, then you will never get any advice. Good or bad.

Nothing progresses forward without some stress along the way. Just like that kernel of wheat Jesus teaches about. Before it produces, it must be planted and it must die, in order to bring forth a harvest. (John 12:24)

Every so often you need to step back from your daily plodding, and see life from Four Stories Up…


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