It’s Wednesday

Vacation is over…

calendar-busy-001Life re-enters normal, or whatever one might call it. Alarm clocks instead of letting sleep reign through the morning. Schedules become hard and fast. Rules return. Clothes ready? Food. Lunches. Snacks. Car fueled?

It’s almost like the first day of school!

Remember those early years when you looked forward to that special day? First day of school. Vacation. Birthday. Family coming. The older I get the less I look forward to these days, and the more I wish for a slower schedule. My calendar is full, and continually filling.

What is a worse memory are those days before a test! I remember preparing for my FAA check ride that would tell me if my prep time would convince the tester that I was prepared to fly with all the other pilots!

Busy. Busy. Busy… Managing time is crucial. Time is a limited resource, so controlled allocation is necessary. Do not let calls last too long. Do not let distractions take you down pathways that are not productive. Control. Manage.

Every morning I set aside time for my personal devotions. This includes prayer, scripture, reading, blogging and some time of silence to charge up those internal batteries for the day ahead. Each day has requirements, just do not let those calendar items overrun your personal time. You may change your schedule to fit your personality, so, instead of morning you may choose evening.

IMG_4346We find Jesus spent time away from the crowds, often by himself, in prayer. Can you imagine what his quiet time was like? (Matthew 14:23) In his early ministry, he used all those years of devotion and scripture to break the yoke of flesh while in the wilderness. He quoted scripture back to the tempter every time an enticement was made. (Matthew 4:4) Before his greatest test, he prayed in a favorite garden, Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36), but it was not a peaceful time. It was full of agony. The big test was in progress. How would he stand up to the trial?

This one thought I have today. Your greatest trials are prepared by those hours you spend in quiet devotion. What you learn and experience during these times prepare you for your response. How you devote those quiet hours to The Word and Prayer will give you the strength you need to stand up to the tough battle.

Do not let the battle wear you down, but take special note – you have prepared for this day!