That First Morning Moment

As you begin to wake up…

morning-clockDo you feel recharged from the overnight rest and ready to face the day. Or do you refuse to accept that sleep must come to an end? Maybe. Is your mind clear and ready, or do you still feel the mugginess like sleepy eyes that still want to stay closed?

What is your first thought?

It’s weird. Maybe it’s from a dream, or some misfired synapse in your gray matter, but you always seem to have a “first” morning thought. Can you capture it? What is your first conscious thought? If you have an morning deadline of getting to work by a certain time, then you are generally pressed into that routine – and a morning exploration of your thoughts are impossible to focus on.

This morning, I woke thinking about a college football game. My dad and my uncle took the boys (brothers and cousin) to a University of Houston and University of Arkansas football game… Cougars vs Razorbacks. I remember nothing about the game, but a lot about the experience.

It was family. It was fun. 

From this thought I conclude that most of our remembered and valued experiences are about family, and friends. The time spent with each other, regardless of the event. Through the years I have traveled to a lot of places, and I have great general memories about destinations, but the one thing that I remember the most is the family and friend connection. If it’s just me and my bride, then it’s her I remember the most! I seldom remember the weather, and if you know me very well then you know I abhor heat. I remember the views in a general way, but I really remember most the time spent with others.

Yet, I am not interested in huge family gatherings for my downtime…all the time… During younger years, we would have family reunions and on one side of my family it seemed we could have several hundred in attendance.

I wonder what it would be like to have another family reunion. Just wondering…

Imagine Joseph having a different kind of life than what he was raised with. He is in Egypt, and with his own trials of lies and deceits, he has finally arrived at the pinnacle of his life. All of a sudden, a reunion of sorts begins to unfold in front of him. His family is arriving to acquire food in a great time of trial. Those who hated him, are now before him. He had the power to do anything to them, or be anything before them. Instead of taking revenge, he extends arms of compassion and enjoys a season of connection.

What a reunion! Pharaoh speaks to him in private.

Pharaoh looked at Joseph. “So, your father and brothers have arrived–a reunion! Egypt welcomes them. Settle your father and brothers on the choicest land–yes, give them Goshen. And if you know any among them that are especially good at their work, put them in charge of my own livestock.”  (Genesis 47:5-6 MSG)

Think about it for a moment. Pharaoh will react to your family the way YOU react to your family. Struggle with them, and Pharaoh will struggle with them. Accept them, and you have the ultimate authority behind you to help them resettle

This is power!  And this is my thought this morning. You find and make new friends, all the time, but your are born with your family. They may not be perfect, and all your history with them may not be positive, but they are your flesh and blood. You may not enjoy them, but you are “stuck” with them!

Everyone you know will treat them the way you treat them. They will take their actions from your actions. So. Love them. Accept them. Do not put them on bad footing just because of some past stress.

This is what my first thought this morning concluded…