First Day of School

I have no real memories of my first day of school.

kindergarten-drawingWe lived in Deer Park, a community surrounded by all the familiar haunts of later years. Baytown – my city of birth. LaPorte is where I graduated High School. Pasadena. Seabrook. Houston. Across the Ship Channel was Highlands, Channelview, Northshore!

Deer Park was near the area where I first learned to ride my bike, and swim, and join Cub Scouts. It was near the area from where I remember going to my first big sporting event, the Colt 45’s which later became the Houston Astro’s… It was also near the place where I remembered growing up… Great times and great memories…

But I do not remember that first day of school.

I do remember it was Kindergarten. I assume it was ’59 or ’60. That’s how bad my memory is! Other memories are stronger than that first day.

  1. Heat. Watermelon. Prickly Heat. Sick…Sick…Sick…
  2. Swing set with roller coaster instead of a slide – stitches and Dr Hook (??) pokes his thumb in my eye while sewing my split skin back together.
  3. Back yard rectangle swimming pool.
  4. Snow. Birthday parties. Christmas. Santa, hear those snow bells???
  5. Church. Cousins. Neighborhood friends.

Really. The memories are long, but that first day of school… Essentially nothing.

Mom has been sending out lists for us to document who we remember our teachers were during each grade. There were several school changes so some grades overlapped between two locations. Some teachers made good impressions and are remembered favorably – I could tell you many reasons why they were good. Others should never have been in the classroom…and the reasons for their exit could be an even longer list! Simply huge!

But that first day of school? No memories. We even changed schools midway through the year to Seabrook… Still nothing of either location. Seabrook did have a long ‘new’ wing of the school building that had a lunch room next door that was also the stage area for the future plays. Kindergarten, First and Second grades were all spent in this wing. It was not until Third grade that I moved into the old building and that seems to be where my memories start. Neidamyer. Winters. Robiceaux. Good teachers and great memories.

But nothing, zilch, wala, nada, nichts… from that first day of school.

My last year of public school was a single class between September and December, 1972, 7:30-8:30 in the morning. Government. This was the year that Nixon won by a landslide and we went through all the stages of the contest from planning, nomination, primaries, and all the way through the vote. I do not remember the teacher, or any other student in the class – but I do remember getting to make the speech to nominate my parties representative.

Get back to that first day of school… No memories. Nothing.

2014-07-03-07-37-34I remember the first time I saw my bride, visited her at her house, went on a date, and kissed her. I definitely remember the rehearsal dinner the night before at a favorite steak house. I remember our wedding at her aunt and uncles house near University of Houston on July 3, 1974… It was hot. The house was crowded. I was worried about the cakes melting. I remember my car getting totally decorated and we had to stop and wash it lest anything happen to the finish!

How many times have I wished I still had that car! Great memories with a 225 slant six, white vinyl top, white bucket seats….

But that first day of school…

I am writing this late Tuesday night, having paid no attention to election results. My twitter feed has been unopened except to send out a thought. No one on Facebook has broadcasted results, but then, I keep everyone off my news feed by un-following them immediately upon befriending them. I’ve not gone to the Internet. No media source has hit my ears, only music, YouTube and other sources that have no advertisement.

Don’t you know its been a stressful day for a lot of folks! Not me! For lots of reasons I’m not worried about the “who” – I have a bigger job to do than to worry about politics.

While making business rounds today I was surprised at the number of folks who did not vote, nor have they ever voted. The stress level of this event is too much, I guess. I remember paying attention to other elections but I suspect the continual disappointment of the nail biting news has gotten to be too much. I’m willing to wait until the day after… You know. That First Day of the next electoral cycle.

I wonder if the day will come when I can truly say, Nope… I don’t remember what it was like when _______ was elected. But I bet it was a fun time!

Just like that first day of school.


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