I Opened My Bible

I Opened My Bible

I Opened My Bible
And what did I do?
I searched, and I searched
Finding answers to questions on every page.

I Opened My Bible
And what did I find?
A word revealed just for me
As if spoken only moments ago.

I Opened My Bible
And from this moment on
I will never let it collect dust
This book that means so much.

~Michael Gurley 11/18/16

I have grown up believing in the Holy Scripture. Through the years I have studied it deeply (deeper than some, but not as deep as others) and am completely convinced it is a true account of God’s relationship with His creation. It has been faithfully recorded and transferred through the years so that I can hold it in my hands, read it for myself, and share it any way I choose.

My testimony on how the Word has personally spoken to me is something I’ve shared a number of times (Read Here) and will not repeat today, but my experience with God’s Word has convinced me over and again how it is meant for me to consume daily.

To many the feeling is that you must be a scholar of history, cultures and foreign languages, in order to contemplate the meanings of times, places and events. But the reality of reading anything is that we often have no insider knowledge to many subjects but still we pick up a book and read to enjoy, as well as to learn.

Why does the Bible continue to be a popular seller but vastly unread? I can only speak as to what I’ve heard. Many find it dull and boring. They have never worked at understanding the stories they have heard in Sunday School, or seen on a big screen somewhere. My view is that many just want to be “told” the story to believe, and never want to search it out and prove it for themselves! Give it you in Hollywood magic and you’ll believe, or disbelieve, but I think it is best to verify… I’m just saying.

In this modern world, the problem is also a little different than just a decade or two ago. Too often we depend totally on a digital versions of scripture and miss those moments of exploration that comes from simply letting a bound story fall open and enjoying the pages as chance (or God) would direct our eyes.

Maybe we need a “randomizer” button that will simply let the Bible fall open
and replicated what we have experienced in the past! 

The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalms 119. It contains 176 verses and every verse but one (Psalms 119:122) mentions the Word of God, either directly or indirectly. It describes the Voice of God in the scripture with words like:

Way, Law, Testimonies, Commandments, Precepts, Statutes,
Judgments, Word, Righteousness, Truth

It contains 22 subsections, one for every letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and each subsection contains 8 verses. 8 x 22=176, hence, here resides the complete thought on the importance of the Word and how it speaks to us every moment. Every day.

Through the ages those that study the Bible deeply have recorded their high tributes on how much this one chapter is worth. If we would but let this Word speak to us, as this one chapter so eloquently does, we would live our lives more beautifully than we think possible.

Take a few minutes of your busy schedule. Let your Word open to this chapter and peruse it’s passages, and imagine the psalmist observing, analyzing and sharing with you, the importance of Opening Your Bible.  Here’s a single scripture for you from this entire chapter that you will probably recognize, and I hope you will apply – both in the next step you take, and the path you are traveling.

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.
(Psalms 119:105 NKJV)