Downloads and Updates

In olden days…

daily-downloadYes. There is such a thing as olden days in the world of computers! You know this. Everyone tells you to upgrade your software, hardware and brain. Keep on the top of the heap, or the leading edge, or really take a chance and be on the razor sharp bleeding edge of change!

It is true. Life and computers change around us. Daily. Hourly. And even by the minute. As we are a global society we often do not realize that change happens 24 hours a day!

Back in 1992 or so I crunched the finances and finally spent money on a super computer. Dell Dx2 486/66 Windows 3.1 and DOS 6.1 (I think). It was rated the fastest computer of the day. Neck and neck with competitors, manufactures were eking out faster and faster machines. Sometimes it was the hardware driving the software, and sometimes it was the reverse.  We kept this super fast machine for about 6 years and then finally sold it for next to nothing while living in Alaska.

As I age, and money gets to be more and more a rare commodity that can be spent like my younger years, I now look for the cheapest deal with the thought that it is simply a “throw away” at the end of its life cycle. Then you upgrade, download new software and re-establish your processing world.

Back in 1992, Microsoft Office Professional came on 37 3.5 diskettes. (I still own them). Today, it’s a fairly simple process to download via the internet in a few quick minutes. Back then, it took an hour or more to feed each diskette into the slot and you hoped that each diskette was in good condition! Else you had to start over from the beginning!

Maybe, in a spiritual sense, we need to have some of the same thoughts that the modern world has provided via the Internet. We need to Daily go before God in praise, prayer, devotion and His Word. Download and update the needs for the day ahead of us.

Here’s my daily thought and hopefully a word for you to consider:

Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation! Selah
(Psalms 68:19 NKJV)

Selah = “Think on it”