I Have A Story

Every person is different, but we each have a story.

decision-treeEvery story has a starting point that may begin with you, or something from your past that begins your story. Your story is so unique that it will amaze and astound. Everyone? No. Some people? Maybe. Your family? Maybe more definitely. Yourself????

You should rock your foundation with your personal story!

Why? Every time I think about who I am, where I could have been and what I’ve overcome, then I am pumped about the choices I made along the way that got me to where I am today.

Are there things I could have done differently? Definitely. Should I have made different or better choices? You got it…

But all the factors of life and living makes me the most unique person I know! I keep telling my bride this, “You don’t know anyone else like me!” And that’s the truth. Part of the result of our story is that we never have to be satisfied with where we are, especially if we are willing to change and grow. I love that line from one of the Star Trek movies where the actor says, “Resistance is futile.” That makes me WANT to resist!

As a weight lifter knows that the job to build strength is to learn how to resist greater weights, we should learn that we overcome things we are capable of handling knowing that these are but lessons for future challenges not yet faced! I am in training to learn how to resist the negatives and accentuate the positives!

How about  you? Are you happy with who you are, and where you have ended up? Resist the urge to accept your story line as the final line. 

jonah-001Remember the story of Jonah? Some call it a “whale” and others simply say it was a “great fish”, but regardless of your definition, you have to remember that Jonah agreed to do something for God and then went running the opposite direction! Maybe his intentions were honorable, at first, but then his actions spoke differently. On an escape ship, a storm tossed the boat around like a leaf resting on the troublesome waters of a white water river. Tossed this way, and then that.

Fearing total destruction, Jonah convinced the sailors to toss him overboard so that the storms would cease. Makes me wonder why he did not simply jump overboard himself and save them the hard decision of what to do next! In the deep, he is swallowed by a great fish and he spends three days and nights resting in the comfort of gastric juices and all the other things fish do!

Finally, he comes to himself and remembers his connection to God. He cries out with a voice of repentance, and God releases him from his trouble. Probably in a nasty sort of reminder of where he had been!

So the LORD spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.
(Jonah 2:10 NKJV)

He finishes his calling. Nineveh repents and turns from their wicked ways…. What about Jonah? How about you read it for yourself. His story is not yet done! (Read here)

Imagine all the “what if’s” Jonah thought through. If I do this, then that happens, or maybe that happens. It’s a confusing time to not know what the results of our actions might be.

Doing Nothing Is Still Doing Something! But as Leslie Nielsen put it:

“Doing nothing is very hard to do…you never know when you’re finished.”

So. We need to learn to Thimk it Through, and then Do!

One last thought. You may be going through some really difficult times. Rest assured, many others have equally gone through your valley before you. Maybe even something worse! But there is an end to it all and you can look over your shoulder and write your story of how you overcame!

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life
as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” ~Booker T. Washington (Source)


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  1. This morning I have gone back and read several of your posts. Some brought smiles, some brought tears and some brought an intense longing for loved ones. Thanks for being consistent in your posting and sharing.


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