All Those Loose Ends

For decades, I have been a proponent of making lists…

puzzle-coca-cola-001To do, tasks, planning, arranging, re-arranging, and noting all the little things that might slip through the cracks. I still propose this is an important way of documenting all those important things you think are necessary.

Success, for me, comes from knowing all the little pieces and understanding how they fit into the pick picture.

It’s like organizing a puzzle before assembling it together!

Growing up puzzles were an important past time. Grandparents all the way down through grandkids. We assembled puzzles at family gatherings. Not continually, mind you, but a table normally included a partially completed puzzle and we all stopped and looked for the perfect piece to fill in that missing hole.

My bride loves Coca Cola puzzles…
I bet my grandmother would have enjoyed working them with her!

The smart thing to realize, a puzzle is NEVER finished until all pieces are handled. And lost pieces are sought for in order to have a completed task.

The bigger the puzzle, the more fun spent! The more complex the image, the weirder the search for matching pieces.

“The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.” ~Douglas Horton (Source)

It’s amazing to realize that people go through life without a moment spent in preparing for the puzzle before them. You know…

  1. Find the outer edges and set them aside.
  2. Look for the corners to know the orientation.
  3. Put similar designs together because they will probably fit together.
  4. Understand the outcome and work smarter, not harder.
  5. Share the load! We each have a differing viewpoint as we circle the table.
  6. Rejoice in a piece found, no matter who is the locator.
  7. Think, talk, laugh, rejoice together…and when you get tired then step away for a while.
  8. Leave the completed project alone for a while before putting it back in the box…
  9. Feel proud of the accomplishment.

So… Thanksgiving is coming to a close. What are the loose ends that need to be arranged for that final view of the final product.

  1. I failed to call several folks, and I resolve to connect this next week.
  2. I did not eat too much, but I ate more often! Live with it!
  3. I did not take enough pictures.
  4. I got my feelings hurt, but got over it – and hope I did not hurt someone else’s feelings.
  5. No more planning needed for the next event, but praying we can all get together successfully…

Some puzzles are very difficult….but all puzzles can be accomplished with enough time and planning!


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