Too Much, Too Little

Time is a precious commodity…

stopwatch-in-handReally, the concept of a “commodity” is the idea that something has value and can be sold or traded for something else of equal value. Let me say it again.

Time is a precious commodity.

Imagine the 24 hour day. You are willing to spend your “time bank” on certain things. Sleep. Eat. Rest. Relax. Work. Nap. What you choose to spend out of your bank on an item indicates on what, and who, you place the most value.

Think about it. All those games on your phone, tablet and gaming devices – as much time as you spend on them, can you ever hope to gain back the time as a traded commodity? Was the game worth it?

Now, before you disparage an older person for the youthful activity of gaming, I do enjoy my 15 minutes of Angry Birds in the morning, and in the evening. But we have all watched people spend hours and days connected to something that gives nothing in return. It could be anything, even a hobby.

time-is-preciousThere is too much to do in life that brings value, and too little time to get it done. As much as I enjoy my “down time” there is too much on my to do list to simply let time slip away from me. One of these days I’ll have enough time, and not enough to do! That is a stressful thought! So. Spend your time wisely. Moderate. Set value so that time is apportioned proportionally to the most important things on your list!

Here we are in the mountains of southern Oregon taking a few days of respite, and everything seems to require some time out of my down time…. It’s okay. My wife sleeps late and I don’t! The morning is mine to spend as I need it.

It was probably later in life that he said this, but the first author whose books I devoured said:

“How did it get so late so soon?”
Dr. Seuss