Just Seven More Days!

Count Down! 7-6-5-4-3-2-1….

christmas-countdownYes! Christmas…

Remember when you were young?!? The excitement of numbering the days and counting backwards! So, my countdown includes these activities…

Day 7. That’s today. Up at 4am. Preparing for church. Service. Dinner out. Home. Rest. Recoup. Charge! Lot’s of things to finish up before the day is done.

Day 6. Monday. Another hard press day of tasks.

Day 5. Tuesday. Another hard press day of tasks. Up early with my wife as she leaves for work about 4:30 am.

Day 4. Wednesday. No Bible Study tonight. Hard press day of tasks.

Day 3. Thursday. Final items to finish before Friday night.

Day 2. Friday. Our Sunday service will be our Christmas Banquet and held on Friday night. Normally we do it on Sunday after our morning service – but a lot of reasons have kept us at our sanctuary. The kids will serenade Christmas songs and recite the Christmas story from Scripture.

Day 1. Saturday…. Family Christmas time…at our house! Whoops! Where are the decorations???

Day 0. Sunday… Christmas day…

Here’s praying you will have a blessed Christmas week. Remember to take down those decorations and pack them away for another year …

So. On this day Day in History, December 18…

  • 1271 – Kublai Khan renamed his empire ‘Yuan’ (元), marking the start of the Yuan dynasty of Mongolia & China.
  • 1620 – Mayflower docks at Plymouth Harbor
  • 1737 – Antonio Stradivari, died in Cremona, Italy. He is recognized as the most renowned violin maker in history.
  • 1777 – The USA celebrated its first official Thanksgiving, to mark victory over the British at the Battle of Saratoga in October.
  • 1865 – Slavery Abolished in America
  • 1888 – Richard Wetherill and his brother in-law discover the ancient Anasazi ruins of Mesa Verde, Colorado.
  • 1898 – A new automobile speed record was set at 39 mph.
  • 1940 – Hitler issues directive to begin planning for Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union.
  • 1935 – A $1 silver certificate was issued for the first time in the U.S.
  • 1946 – Steven Spielberg born
  • 1957 – The Shippingport Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania went online. It was the first nuclear facility to generate electricity in the United States. It was taken out of service in 1982.
  • 1961 – Remember the song, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, hit #1 by “The Tokens”
  • 1965 – U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler recorded “Ballad of the Green Berets.”
  • 1998 – The U.S. House of Representatives began the debate on the four articles of impeachment concerning U.S. President Bill Clinton. It was only the second time in U.S. history that process had begun.

On this day in Facebook history (mine!)…

  • 2015 – What Flag Defines You
  • 2013 – “Noah got drunk, Jacob lied, Moses murdered, Rahab was a whore, David had an affair. God still used em. What’s your excuse?” ~Ronald LaCombe

And a favored 12/18 scripture.

“Behold! My servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom my soul is well pleased! I will put my Spirit upon him, and he will declare justice to the Gentiles. (Matthew 12:18, NKJV)

If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. (Romans 12:18 NKJV)