Have You Ever Wished…?

It was a weird night last night…

star-of-bethlehemHard to get to sleep, and little sleep to be had. The wind was blowing and the rain was slashing. The windows seemed to rock in place, and in my mind I could see them smashing and ruining a perfectly good computer! There was no sky to be seen. It was dark. The moon was hid. The stars could never have made an appearance.

This set my mind to thinking, for some odd reason, about the choices we make in life every day, and those made a generation ago. Either choice can cause you to be set in your ways with few options for the future.

Someone read this blog of mine from several years ago
and maybe this is where these thoughts came from. (Click here)

It’s like planning for a trip and only going the way you plan, there are few options when life throws you a curve ball. Still, most of what we know is planning for direction that we wish to take from our younger years, and never thinking about the possibility of strikingly different or alternate paths.

Now. I’m not talking about being weird, or getting strangely different, but have you ever thought about your career choice? Your residence? How many kids you chose to have? What state you decided to experiment with? The brand and model of a car that you think is simply to die for and then not knowing what to do when that model and maker ceases to exist?

Then, as you reach your retiring years you wish for more time, energy and finances to strike out for different shores and explore a new career, a different view of the world. You wish to scratch that itch, but can’t. Resources are not enough. Time is running out. And, strangely, your energy has seemingly peaked.

It’s almost like following that star to Bethlehem…what caused those wise men to travel from the east to find Jesus? They did not know his name, only that it was prophesied he would come. So they went. Were they young? Rich? Free as a bird? And when their journey had ended, what was their life like thereafter? What grand stories would they tell? Could they follow his news for the generation to come? Did they ever wish to return?

When it seems there are wistful moments to spare,
And your mind starts drifting down avenues so rare.
Have you ever wished for more time?
More opportunity to claim different choices of youth?

Perhaps different, or better, decisions you could have made.
When you were young it seemed the future was far away.
Your choices became set in stone,
And your career and life is rattling and plodding along.

Then you realize that you’re reaching the end, you wish and wonder,
But realize there are no spare moments to expend.
Dream on, there are many wistful moments to spare.
Realize you are where you are….enjoying your life so very rare.

Do not let remorse flood your mind,
Your life has been full with riches to enjoy.
Faint not as those youthful glimmers awaken,
Life is lived full, as full as you have lived it…

So, now, enjoy your rewards and be at peace….
Tomorrow is a new day and it is what you make it to be.

My bride and I have enjoyed some wonderful things in life. Career. Family. Travel. Experiences. There are times we were without, but never a time that we did not enjoy being with each other. That’s true wealth.

Could I share with you a thought? Do all you can while you are young. Fill your future dreams with great choices today. The time does come when all you have are the memories of what you have been, and the dreams and visions of what could have been.

When I was about six years old, I remember a time with some family and church folks at our home in Seabrook, Texas. As we were walking toward the house, someone noticed a star faintly appearing as the sun was disappearing. For the first time I heard those words we all know so well…

Star Light, Star Bright,
The first star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

Then the rule was to not look at the star again until you have seen a second star. Even to this day I will scan the skies, purposefully keeping my eyes averted from that location where the first star appeared. Wishing. Searching. For that next star. Perhaps that’s where J.M. Barrie found his quote for Peter Pan?

“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”

Tonight. If the skies permit. Look for a star. Pray a prayer. Live your dreams, well within your means…

Day is over.
Night has come.
Today is gone,
What’s done is done.
Embrace your dream
Through the night,
Tomorrow comes
With a whole new light.


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