5 More Days

Beginning Today, 12/27/2016…

blog-5-daysToday represents the first of 5 Days left before 2016 comes to an end. That means that in the next 5 Days you have a short time to think about what you want to commit to during 2017. What are you committing to next year that will be your guiding focus? Do you know?

This is our most common struggle!

How are we going to be better during the next year? Especially when the year is so quickly advancing? We have not prepared, thought it through, looked at our options, considered where we are at, nor where we want to be! We are not ready to commit, nor do we have a clear idea of resolutions we may want to focus on in order to show a markedly improvement from this year to next.

Have you thought about all those Resolutions that never made it in prior years, yet you are convinced that next year will be better?

What if… What if there was a better way to prepare for this next year? What if you could find a plan on how to be successful, greatly, with your time and effort during the next 365 days? The time may be short, but remember, you do not have to do everything at once! Nor does everything take you 12 months to accomplish.

Over the past several months I have been preparing for 2017 and have developed a plan that I hope works better than anything I’ve done in the past.

I’ve purposed that I want to have a greater year than ever before, and there are some components of life that I want to accomplish with high success. For months I have been studying how to do this: books, webinars, introspection, planning…

Like Goldilocks I’ve studied the year ahead of me, and tested the three bowls of porridge, and those comfortable looking beds, and finally found a mixture of planning that is perhaps not too much, nor too little, but “just right!”

You may be correct in saying that it is too close to that new year resolution moment for you to devote to what I’ve taken months to think about. Perhaps you do not need to have your entire life thought through during these 5 Days, but it does not hurt to exercise your mind to think about how to improve your situation during 2017.

Let me share with you a 5 Days plan to help you with this next year. For the next 5 Days I will give you some concrete actions to take to better prepare your next year. You may want to get a pen and some paper and start making notes because everything you think through and everything you plan needs to be put into writing… Ever final product must be written down and carried with you… (I’ll finalize this thought on Day Five.)

blog-day-oneI will approach these last 5 Days of 2016 succinctly and with a thought process and some action items for the day.

Day One Major Thought will be to THINK about what you want to accomplish, WRITE them down, CATEGORIZE them and then PRIORITIZE what you find to be most important to you. Okay. Where’s your writing utensils? It may be a technology answer, but the way I think through things I find it better to use a black ink fine point pen and sheets of graphing paper. You want to be prepared to list and note everything you think about. It may take pages to get everything jotted down!

The other thing about writing things down is that I like to categorize them… For me it works best bullet points under a categorized heading, i.e.; Personal, Family, Career, Business, Church, Writing, House, Education. It does not matter how many categories you have, and some of your tasks may span multiple categories, the primary purpose is to not let a thought or wish escape your mind.

So… Think. Write. Categorize. Prioritize. These will be your major steps.

What you think about are all the things you want to accomplish in the future, or need to do right now… THINK through all those things you think are important to plan for, and then PRIORITIZE them into an order of importance.

  • What life directions are you considering for the future? Do you have a Plan to get to the future?
  • What do you want to accomplish? Make more money? New job? Buy a house? Start a career? Lose weight? Build up a business? Write a book? Get married????
  • What are the time frames you are thinking about? Monthly? Annual? Decade?
  • What does it take to complete your thought-out goals? Is it in your power to acquire the tools to do what you think is important? What other resources will be needed? Money? Time? Energy?

Now, before you worry about your list being incomplete, or too hard to accomplish, THINK about those things that are important to you. This is not a quick process, but like everyone you know there are things that pop to your mind that you think are most important. What is most important? If it has any level of importance then you should be ready to prioritize them.

Earlier this year I thought about what I want to accomplish during the next 20 years of life. Solid retirement. Better control of my fiances. Doctoral Degree. Better health and control of my weight. Reach 65 years of marriage and beyond (22.5 years away!). A solid church ready to hand off to the next pastor when the time is right.

If you want something, what are you doing to make it happen? The answer may be long or short range. You need to know the answer to this! Some goals take a lifetime to achieve, and others can be resolved in a few short months. And, these items are often related to tasks you want to complete around your personal space, or it may be long range goals that require a multiple year approach.

How do you PRIORITIZE? It will be different for every situation, but essentially some things are more important than others and will probably have a higher priority. You need to have a scheme that will help you identify those higher priority items from those that do not make the top of the list. One of my ways of doing this is to have everything prioritized with a numbering scheme that will pull other similar priorities together.

  • Priority 1 – MUST be done, and you have a feeling of a high sense of success.
  • Priority 2 – SHOULD be done but may require more focus to push it along.
  • Priority 3 – SIMPLY done with measurements to show success.
  • Priority 4 – MAYBE and not even sure if I can accomplish it just now.
  • Priority 5 – LOWEST priority says maybe just keep the thought visible for the time it will be right to handle it.

So. Here are some things for you to think through on Day One.

  1. Think through where you are, and where you want to be.
  2. List out those thoughts of what you want to accomplish. Short range. Long range.
  3. Categorize them appropriately.
  4. Set some priority on each item.

Tomorrow I will share a next step to take your items and move them forward toward a path of success. See you then!


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