Day 2 of 5 Days

Day 2 of 5 Days

blog-5-daysToday represents the second of 5 Days left before 2016 comes to an end.

Yesterday I laid out the framework for these considering how to utilize these last 5 Days in preparation of a better 2017. For the remainder of this year I will give you links to the prior days of posting so you can refresh your understanding of every post to help you prepare for a new and better 2017.

The remaining time left of 2016 means your time is short to think about what you want to commit to during 2017.

I left you with these 4 things to think through, list out, categorize and prioritize.

  1. Think through where you are, and where you want to be.
  2. List out those thoughts of what you want to accomplish. Short range. Long range.
  3. Categorize them appropriately.
  4. Set some priority on each item.

Today I want you to think about choosing those items that you feel are most important, and those items that you want to focus on next year. They may not all start on Day One, but if your thought indicates that the first day of the year is an important start date then you need to know what to do January 1st. Otherwise, the other thoughts need to be planned throughout the year.

blog-day-twoSo… Here’s Day Two. The focus for today will be to Focus on everything you recorded on Day One. Essentially, you need to bring some clarity to your thoughts, and narrow your field of view on just the important thoughts from your written list.

Not everything you’ve written down needs to be handled immediately, unless you are overwhelmed with an Unfinished Life! Okay… That defines a lot of us! When we have fallen behind in our growth pattern it seems like we are overwhelmed with things that need immediate focus. Having Priorities help, but too many Tasks will keep you too busy to live life and accomplish change.

Focus is your next largest priority. Which of your Tasks identified yesterday are worthy of Focus next year? Which one produce the greatest reward, or payback? Have you considered the cost and time it takes to address each Task? Do you have all the resources needed to complete each Task? Which range of time (days, weeks, months) will be required, and, when will you expect to start and complete the Task?

Here’s where you learn that Focus shows you the Impact of the Task on your life!

There was a time, just a few years ago, that I was a student taking a heavy class load, teaching online college, pastoring a church, and nurturing a family. Life threw me a few curves during the semester and everything came crashing down. Before I signed up for the classes I was asked if I was sure I could handle it? Of course! I’ve done it before. I’ll do it again.

Famous Last Words, just like Samson! Go ahead… Read it for yourself. After showing his strength time and again, that famous last time he said, “I will go out as before….” Only, it didn’t work! (Judges 16:20-21)

Focus helps you consider the importance of each Task and most probably will help you narrow your view on what exactly needs to be done, and what portion of your life will be required.

Here’s one thing I’ve learned through the years, every Task requires an effort to accomplish. Focus should help you note the cost and time of the effort, and the resulting act of accounting should make you realize if it can be accomplished in its entirety, or can it be broken down into smaller segments.

Just as you normally do not drive a 5,000 mile trip in one setting, you plan out the trip with scheduled stops, refueling the tanks (gas and belly), and rest breaks along the way to keep you sharp. This is true with every Task you hope to accomplish in the new year.

You first activity today is to review the thoughts you recorded yesterday, add some Focus to each item. Based on your analysis, select the ones you find you either Must, or Want to accomplish. Your results will be varied and different from anyone else. Maybe some are smaller in effort, or need to be reworked into multiple tasks instead of a single one. This is your call.

Your second activity is to take a good hard look at the 2017 calendar, penciling in all the necessary schedules that you are committed to, i.e., Vacations, Work Schedules, Church Commitments, Reunions, Social Gatherings, Work around your property, Financial Requirements, Income Taxes (if they are a major task), etc. And, not that you can plan for it, you need to consider the “gotcha’s” of life. Sickness, Death, and all the other Unknown’s.

I had a motor go out in a van of mine back in the 80’s. Fortunately my brother is an excellent mechanic and we spent nearly 2 months working on rebuilding that engine. It really impacted my schedule, spare time, and finances. And my brother’s!

There are unknown’s you can never plan for, but you should know what they will do to your world.

Let’s wrap up Day Two with some tasks to accomplish.

  1. Review your recorded thoughts from Day One, and put some Focus on each Task, with the intent of Narrowing your final list of things you want to accomplish in 2017.  What will it cost you, and how much time will you need to complete each item?
  2. Get your calendar ready with all the known events that will impact you during 2017. Consider that some holiday’s are three day weekends, and some are not.

Day Three is just around the corner….


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