Day 3 of 5 Days

Day 3 of 5 Days

blog-5-daysToday represents the third of 5 Days left before 2016 comes to an end.

Yesterday I laid out the framework for these considering how to utilize these last 5 Days in preparation of a better 2017. For the remainder of this year I will give you links to the prior days of posting so you can refresh your understanding of every post to help you prepare for a new and better 2017.

The remaining time left of 2016 means your time is short to think about what you want to commit to during 2017.

I left you with these 4 things to think through, list out, categorize and prioritize on Day One.

  1. Think through where you are, and where you want to be.
  2. List out those thoughts of what you want to accomplish. Short range. Long range.
  3. Categorize them appropriately.
  4. Set some priority on each item.

On Day Two, I left you with these two tasks.

  1. Review your recorded thoughts from Day One, and put some Focus on each Task, with the intent of Narrowing your final list of things you want to accomplish in 2017.  What will it cost you, and how much time will you need to complete each item?
  2. Get your calendar ready with all the known events that will impact you during 2017. Consider that some holiday’s are three day weekends, and some are not.

Now, we are going to build on the hard work you’ve done!
blog-day-threeSo… Here’s Day Three. The focus for today will be to Write your Task into a Goal Statement. Now, we’ve all set Goals before and with the history of past years resolutions we see that they have mostly failed. Why?  There are many reasons, and you may understand it better than you know. The main reason most resolutions fail is because we do not write good Goal statements!

It has been noted in many journals that the busiest time at your local gym is the first of the New Year. Best Intentions! Too many people declare they are going to get into shape and start out strong, but do not have the planning or the will power to stick it out!

Goal can be defined as: “An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame.” (Source)  Notice these three portions of a goal.

  • Observable – You can see changes that are moving you toward an expected end result. Example: If you want to enlarge your savings account to the amount of money needed to buy something specific, the observable fact will show you moving toward, or away from, the goal. Knowing where you are, and where you want to be helps you to note the movements from the present to the future.
  • Measurable – You can observe the movements by measurable amounts. If you take the same steps toward the results each step can be measured. The most important thing might not be mentioned above, but you should always record the measure. Example: You want to lose weight, and you’ve set a Goal to reach a target, then recording each measurable result will show the movement to the result.
  • Time Frame – The final thought about a goal is having a date, or time, that your Goal will be met. For any of the examples above putting a target date on your calendar will help you know if you are moving toward or away from the result and answers the question: Is it Possible?

The one last thing about a Goal is to make it as specific as possible. If you are saving money, then how much are you putting back proper amounts that observable, measurable, recorded – showing you are making progress and knowing you are on track to arrive at the right time with sufficient funds.

So, make your Goal very specific!

Your action item today is to take those tasks you’ve been polishing that you want to become your New Year resolutions and write them into very definable Goals.

  1. Write your Goal with action words like “Save; Lose; Study; Read” with Observable and Measurable specifics. Make sure you understand your Start and Ending date.

See you tomorrow!


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