Day 5 of 5 Days

Day 5 of 5 Days

blog-5-daysToday represents the last of 5 Days left before 2016 comes to an end.

This week I have laid out the framework for these considering how to utilize these last 5 Days in preparation of a better 2017. For the remainder of this year I will give you links to the prior days of posting so you can refresh your understanding of every post to help you prepare for a new and better 2017.

Please… Read the earlier posts… Time is short! To sum them up….

I left you with these 4 things to think through, list out, categorize and prioritize on Day One.

  1. Think through where you are, and where you want to be.
  2. List out those thoughts of what you want to accomplish. Short range. Long range.
  3. Categorize them appropriately.
  4. Set some priority on each item.

On Day Two, I left you with these two tasks.

  1. Review your recorded thoughts from Day One, and put some Focus on each Task, with the intent of Narrowing your final list of things you want to accomplish in 2017.  What will it cost you, and how much time will you need to complete each item?
  2. Get your calendar ready with all the known events that will impact you during 2017. Consider that some holiday’s are three day weekends, and some are not.

On Day Three, you had a simple task.

  1. Write your Goal with action words like “Save; Lose; Study; Read” with Observable and Measurable specifics. Make sure you understand your Start and Ending date.

On Day Four it was simple, make a presentable version of your goals! Post it in a frequently observable place, and miniaturize it to travel with you every where!

blog-day-fiveSo… Here’s Day Five. It may sound that you’ve done all there is to do but trust me…you’ve only just begun.

The hard part of the job is tomorrow. January 1, 2017. That’s when you put your Goals into operation!

It will be easy to procrastinate! …bad weather, illness, slept badly, over worked, family obligations… Name it. You will find a reason to not do what your good intentions has setup. Do not give in!

But at the same time realize there will be challenges along the way. Emergencies will arise! Life will throw you a few curve balls. It’s okay. Some will tell you to be strong – be the rock in the river and make the current flow around you. Try that attitude in front of an avalanche and you’ll get buried and not pulled out till spring!

Reality. You always need to put everything into perspective. There may be some good reason to slow your progress, but if that is your attitude, then you are still making progress, only at a slower pace. Life moves at different seasons. Yes… I just said seasons. There are times that it’s red hot and moving fast, but then there are times its slow as molasses and barely moving at all.

Wait. Molasses? Yes. It’s a syrup made from cooking sugar, or sorghum. Sorghum? Define, please. Okay…

Sorghum: a widely cultivated cereal native to warm regions of the Old World. It is a major source of grain and of feed for livestock.

A cereal from the warm regions of the “old world” that is used as feed for stock and humans. But when heated, and boiled, it becomes a thick sugary complex called molasses.

One becomes the other…when put under heat. It does not make it go faster, it thickens up, slows quickly and becomes thick as molasses! Another thought? Molasses is used for a lot of purposes including baking in a hot oven…

So. Think about your Goals and consider the cycles of time and when thing will work just right (remember Goldilocks?).

A middle part of my IT life was managing staff and projects.We learned quickly that you could not make huge deadlines during the middle of vacation season. Summer. This was in Alaska! After 8 months of snow and cold, staff and families needed their down time, so you eased up the pace a little during the summer. Sub-seasons of the season is also important. Three-day weekends for those special times required you to keep in mind those extra days of slow – Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend and Independence Day Weekend (this was a floating day and may not have a weekend close).

And some of our busiest processing time were the holiday season between Thanksgiving and the New Year. NOT A GOOD TIME to have everyone off on vacation, or attempting to insert a major release into the mix. Some times you have to persevere through the season…So you learned to pace the work through and give everyone access to some important down time.

I’ve been through a lot of texts, emails and sales pressures during the past month of holiday season. Some of them were well thought out regarding the time, but others expected you to sacrifice your family and down time in order to meet a deadline. Webinars during church and family times are skipped, but why did someone plan it this way? Deadlines. Buy now or miss out. Get up early and watch, or stay up late and attend…

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Problems
Click the link above and read my blog about the 5 P’s to Success

Plan your Goals better than that! Take into account the seasons. Hurdles. Potential roadblocks requiring a diversion. Then… have a backup plan, or let the process turn into Molasses and move slowly through this season.

In the midst of this last day of the week, if you do not have a spare moment to plan out your new year, at least think about the Goals you said were important to start Tomorrow…and plan those out so you get a good start on feeling good about accomplishing your next year – because, that’s tomorrow!


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