Mid-Week is Here

The old year has left, and we are into that first week of the year.

mack-truck-001And now, the middle of the week has arrived. Are you ready to close out your first week of the year with success stories of how you stayed true to your Goals and Resolutions? Or, are you like many who have let the failure of a few days cause them to consider, “Maybe Next Year.”

Here’s the thing about your slippage. It’s not bad as long as you understand that this happens to 99% of those you know. True, there are some who have an ironclad control on their schedule of things, but they are very few and far, far between the normal!

“So dust off your blue jeans get back in the saddle
losing’s a place to start over again

Gettin’ back up there is half of the battle.” ~Chris Ledoux

Come on! You can do it…

I’ve spent the last few days of 2016, and the first of this new year, with my head and chest in a cloud and a fog. Ear infection, sinus congestion and then all the way to my chest. It’s been a miserable, drug ridden few days and most of what I had scheduled for this new year has fallen by the way side.

But I have a plan. And this is crucial….You should always have a backup plan!

On the Y2K project (a huge success, by the way!) we always planned for key team members as if they were taken away from us by a big ol’ Mack Truck… We planned for the contingency of needing to know, “Now what?”

The same way you plan for that rainy day fund by putting extra dollars aside for emergencies, you should always understand your plan for getting back on track when the bug hits, or when the financial woes show up.

Even Solomon understood this thousands of years ago!

Do your best, prepare for the worst– then trust GOD to bring victory. (Proverbs 21:31 MSG)

Now… Get to it.  You can do it!

Now… for a personal example…

Many years ago at a family farm
in the faraway land called Kentucky

We were offered the chance to ride
the Tennessee Walker named Dolly

First? Second? I’m not sure,
but when it came my time on her back I climbed.

Out of the the barnyard, toward the fence,
let’s climb that hill to the trees.

Then without a warning, she bucked and took off like a bullet,
higher and higher, the trees were coming!

Just 10 or 12, and a newbie on back,
I pulled and I yelled for her to whoa!

Leaping over boulders we reached the top,
and Dolly decided to return.

Down that hill. Over those boulders.
Leaping and bounding all the way.

At the bottom a small ditch and a barbed wired fence to boot…
Oh, please, please … stop!
She did. I got down.
Walked her through the fence and mounted the saddle again.

Let’s get you home…
What? A bee sting was found? And that’s why we danced ….
All the way up, and back down.

The one thing I remember so well, I was commended for getting back in the saddle and completing the ride to the barn…where we immediately put her back in the stall…where she belonged…

Come on! Get back in the saddle! 2017 is still waiting!


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