In Sickness and in Health

We are nearing 43 years of wedded bliss…

Mike and Brenda - UK Trip - September 2009During these decades we have learned how each other handles sickness, and we have learned how to support each other appropriately. It takes a lot out of each of us to care for the other, but that’s one of the reasons we have each other for… Sickness, as well as in Health.

Never forsaking the other when one feels worse than the other.

A long time ago I learned a lesson and have shared this over and over.

There would be times one was up and the other down.
Then vice versa.
It’s good to have one up while the other is down.
It’s best when both are up. It’s hard when both are down. 

It’s so good if both are up at the same time, but we sure need the support of the other when life and health deals us a blow!

Repeatedly we hear of couples who have stood by each other for 50, 60 and more than 70 years. It is sweet to see how they support each other. Fred Stobaugh wrote of his wife of 73 years, other put it to music and it became a viral sensation. He recently joined his bride in death, but not before we enjoyed knowing him through these words and thoughts.

I just felt to say, I’m praying for good relationships today….