My Dryer Eats Socks

Dryers eat socks! Right?

socks-001We all know the dryer has an unbalanced appetite. It eats one sock, and not the other. There is no one to blame but myself because I’m the only one responsible for my clothes. So, at the end of a dry cycle when I’m matching socks it seems like I’m always coming up short!

True, static electricity wraps them up in other clothes and they may eventually show up, even one gets stuck in the dirty clothes basket and hides out till some future date, but it just seems like the sock drawer has too many lonely solos hanging around awaiting their mate…

Have you ever felt out of balance? Missing something important and maybe not quite able to put your finger to on what’s not where it should be. I’ve been feeling this way lately. Something is missing. I can’t put my mind to the it and pull it into existence, but there is something I should be doing that I’m not, and something I should be enjoying, but it’s just not there.

When you dive into your life you find many things that were once considered missing…

One of these days those ol’ high school annuals will popup, but only when I get the energy to dig through all those boxes of books in the garage. When I find them, there will be some nice times spent revisiting those years and reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

One of these days I’ll connect the dots on how I know some people and it’ll be enjoyable sharing those connections with others.

One of these days my kids will ask about the good ol’ days and really want to hear about them.

One of these days…

Just like Joni Mitchell used to sing, ““Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Then you pave paradise and put up a parking lot! (Big Yellow Taxi)

It’s almost like moving, then unpacking, and never finding something – and really not realizing it’s missing until some time later. You scramble around for it. Sometimes it shows up. Sometimes not. I lost an old guitar like that. Given to me by an elderly man who wanted me to enjoy playing street services as a teen. It was old. Beat up. Cracked. Holes. But he worked on it and made it work. But somewhere along the way, it failed to follow us in a move.

As hard as I try, I cannot remember his name, and that makes me even more sad…

People are harder to lose than things, but when they are gone… In bible school I made some friends and reconnected with one of them 40 years later at a conference… My cleared out mind cannot remember where he’s at. Sure would like to reconnect. Where’s that missing sock?

Cherish those things you have right now. Store up memories for the future, because one day, something like the dryer may just eat it up!