Valuables of the Past

A nice chat with family yesterday…

Junk Drawer…and suddenly you determine who values which piece of history more, or differently, or not even at all.


There are valuables found in every moment and in every gram of minutiae of your life. You must pick what’s valuable for you, for others, and treat them accordingly. Store them for later use, or find an immediate way to make them maintain value for someone else.

Ever look into your junk drawer? You know, we all have them. This picture is one of thousands of pictured junk drawers on the web. It’s the first place you look for something, and the last place you find that doohickey you were desperately needing.

As a kid, I remember my grandmother hunting for old bottles that would sell in her resale shop. We would go to old dumping places she remembered from her past, wander into little vine infested and snake suspicious places, digging out potential dollars. Watch out for nails! Broken glass, discarded rusted pots and pans… But find a treasure in the aged bottle of green, blue and gold.

Gold Mine!

Not only for her! But for us kids, too! You never knew what treasure would be unearthed. Old wheels to be turned into skateboard wheels. Sticks perfect for a spear. Wait! Arrowhead???

As a kid, I remember struggling with throwing anything away. Mom would clean out our closets every so often and much of our valuable collections would hit the trash. I distinctly remember losing all those old car parts not used when we assembled our models. Valuable wheels, tires, and alternate engines. Decals. Partially dried up paint bottles and brushes… Gone. History.

That’s why I struggle with cleaning out my office… There’s potential in those drawers, boxes and file cabinets! Just as soon as they are gone? Yep! That’s when you need them the most!

Eventually we work through all these hangups and realize that after 30 years or so that cord will not ever be used and it’s time to recycle it. And that’s what happens with most of my fragments and leftovers. Break them down into various bins of recycle…and hopefully you can replace their elements with a few dollars.

Remember. Fragments and leftovers have value.

If not to yourself, then donating them to a charity or fundraiser, or even to a recycle not simply toss into the garbage where it ends up in a refuse pile that will occupy until it decays…

One last think about valuables of our past… Just because you remember something fondly does not mean everyone else has the same feeling. Back off gushing about the memory. That’s your valuable fragment! Guard it well.