Old That Way

My phone is clogging up with photo’s

Yes. I hate to say it, but it’s getting harder and harder to determine which photo’s to keep, which to discard, and how best to do it.

Yes. I know that my photo’s are backed up to the cloud, on my computer, and probably easily recovered. 

But it’s my nature to keep things close to me, and not depend on cloud or connection. My kids just shake their heads when I want to download that video instead of depending on it always being available

I guess I’m just “old that way”…

Yet, I know that the day will come when my kids will not easily adopt to their new world and will be wishing for that old timey way of looking at things.

Dad was sitting, patiently, just waiting for the time to get up and go to dinner. He has a clipboard with his Word Search and was just simply enjoying his quiet moment.

Then I take a picture.

Why? A memory of the moment is easily recalled when you have something tangible to bring it about. Otherwise, my poor ol’ brain might never recall the moment.

I got my first real camera at 16. A Yashica TLE 35 mm. I was a “photo journalist” for High School and was using the Yashica D Twin Len’s Reflex where you focused looking down through a pop-top opening. The battery pack was nearly as big and heavy as a car battery!

Taking photo’s became second nature. My camera went everywhere. When the light meter broke I learned to take pictures by stopping down the lens manually and determining the best speed for the light conditions and subject. 

I still have that camera. And the next one. And the next one. And a studio camera version of the TLR. I basically use my camera phone these days, tired I am, of lugging around so much extra doodads and doohickeys…

Then every once in awhile I catch a picture like this one and realize something;

Capture the moment you are in. 

Treasure it. 

The day will come when your memory and the photo will be all you have. 

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