Memories Remain

This Trip To Texas…

Memory 001It’s about over. But, it has been a Trip!

I’ve reconnected with family I had not seen in decades, including a couple of aunts in their 90’s up in East Texas. A favorite uncle will soon move about 10 hours away from where I live in Washington. 10 hours by car, that is…

A couple of hours spent on the phone with a couple of cousins. I could do this in Washington, but there’s something unique about being in the same state!

I’ve reconnected with friends that are seldom in touch via social media. And, I’ve made new connections that I expect will last for decades to come.

While roaming with mom and dad, a pastor from a neighboring town came to my mind by the signature song he was known to sing. But it took a while to remember his name, and even longer to find the name of the city. R.E. Johnson. Bay City. Texas.

His song? You may have never heard it, but I can imagine him singing it these 50+ years later. It made an impact then, as much as it does today.

Across the Bridge

(Verse 1)
I have lived a life of sin, in this world I’m living in.
I’ve done forbidden things I shouldn’t do.
I asked a beggar along the way,
If he could tell me where to stay.
Where I could find real happiness and love that’s true.

Across the bridge, there’ll be no sorrow.
Across the bridge, there’ll be no pain.
The sun’s gonna shine across the river.
And we’ll never be unhappy again.

(Verse 2)
Follow the footsteps of the King, ‘til you hear sweet voices ring.
They’ll be singing out the glory of the Lamb.
The river of Jordan will be near,
The sound of trumpets you will hear.
You’ll behold the most precious face ever known to man.

It’s as sweet of a memory as I have of my family singing in the car as we traveled down the road. Dad sang the lead, mom would harmonize, and us kids just sang in the back seat.

Maybe not for you, but for me and many I know, we were shaped by the words and melodies we heard at church or on the radio. I remember dad describing to me how the radio worked, and I could imagine all these singers waiting for their turn to step up to the mic and perform! Live!

I even remember early Sunday mornings listening to the “Old Time Gospel” singing shows on TV. Groups older than the hills it seemed, but still remembered today. Once we were ready for church we could sit in the living room and watch these singers “perform”. Blackwood Brothers. Jake Hess….

And my memory draws a blank. But not to the memory of them.

Here’s the thing about memories, and for some reason I keep coming back to this. They are your wealth in the future. When you can no longer explore those avenues of your past, you will always have your memories.

So. Make Memories and bank them for the future!



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