Farewell. And Home.

The trip is never over until you re-enter the grind of your life at home. You may have said farewell, but the trip is still progressing through the airport, shuttle, AMTrak, and then the wife picks you up for the last 20 mile drive.

But farewell, it is.

A last good night with my siblings and parents, sister-in-laws, and an errant niece. Gumbo. Coffee.  Bread Pudding. Laughter till it hurt! Something I miss from years spent in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you Vaughn, Gayla, Ken, Tess, April, Mom and Dad! The stories that dining table could tell!

A cool front of sorts blanketed the area from the 40’s to the 70’s. One day hit the 80’s. Humidity like a wet blanket just about everyday. Thunder. Lightening. Rain. Flooded ditches and roads.

But that’s what I prayed for! Good weather…Not too hot. And some stormy hours.

Tomorrow will be a day of connecting. A lot has transpired over the past 9 days.  Correspondence. Bills. Dogs… Cooking for my bride. Anxious for normality…

Thank you Texas… Thank you Washington… Home. Truly. In two places!