People Behind People

The day may feel a little dis-jointed…

Even what I feel to share may not make a whole lot of sense if you do not read till the end.

During the past 24 hours it has popped into my mind a hundred times, at least… You never make it to the top without people helping you along the way. You are never a great star, performer, author, CEO, or even a regular every day persona – without people. It’s not those that follow you in your greatness that are important. It’s those that boosted you up, one step at a time.

“Here. Let me help you. There!”

Behind each person’s life stands more people than you can shake a stick at! That person you met did not get to where they are without a funnel of people who poured themselves into the individual every day of their lives. It’s those you never meet, nor do they know they helped a particular person, or that person helped someone who helped someone else.

For some reason I thought about all those who have helped me get to where I am today.

Call them Shadow People. Why? I cannot name them all because many of them are nameless. They are shadows of my past.

The rippling waves of teachers that taught teachers that taught me, the good ones, and the ones not so good. Like a concentric circle they span ages to get to today, and beyond, impacting hundreds and thousands of individuals like me. Crisscrossing the plane of time and distance. It’s like a funnel of generational teachers, writers, researchers, historical figures, university boards, builders, manufacturers, resource gatherers, miners, adventurers, explorers…mothers and fathers, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents… and everyday people.

They have all impacted who I have become. I am not a self-made person. I am a part and parcel of all the past that brings me to the moment of taking the next step to build even further ripples.

There is no way to ignore this. You are not who you are by your own efforts. Like your DNA, there is a genetic connection to your past that makes you a product that can continue the effort started thousands of years ago.

Remember the scene of Dorothy waking up from the tornado experience. Whether it was real, or a dream, she realized that the people who surrounded her everyday humdrum existence were the very people she met, and needed, in the land of Oz. She was blind to her surroundings. She could not see all those that impacted her daily life. But let a disaster show up and suddenly she realizes she’s not alone in her life. She is surrounded by those she needs, and those that need her!

Early this morning, yes, another early… I woke up with a song ringing through my brain. It was not on my radar, nor was there a tornado that drove me to think about it. A little research found multiple modern groups singing it, but one caught my eye. The author of the song was in the video that was filmed a few years before he passed. He was singing one of his signature songs with a new group of young men two or more generations younger than he was at the time.

And they were all having a good time!

It gave me pause to think about those who spend countless hours, behind the performer or star, writing words and putting them to a melody. The words are often heartfelt to the writer. It may represent something they have gone through personally. A tragedy. A dream. A vision. A victory!

This made me think of the influences on the songwriters life. Who they were, where they came from and how much they influenced this man.

Then that rippled backward, generation by generation, thinking of all those who poured themselves into their own everyday life, unknowingly setting the stage for someone like Mosie Lister to come along and become a prolific song writer. He had over 700 songs in his personal catalog.  Some songs became very famous and productive, while others are still waiting to be discovered.

You never know your potential by the life you live day in, day out. But every life has the potential to “become” something you may not even realize. Until your last breath you keep striving to reach the top.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” ~Andy Rooney

Rest assured, there are generations of people behind your history that knew somewhere, someday, someone in their future has the potential of being a famous or important person, doing famous or important things. Just like we should know, that in our future there are people who will be impacted by the quality of life we lead now, the mistakes we make, the trials we go through, and our victories.

Are you on both sides of that equation? You are impacted by those in your past to produce and to be, and are you impacting the next generational ripple to produce the next rising star, or important thing?

If you are. You are people behind people, living a great life in the shadows. You may never be the star, or the important individual, but you are important…right where you are.