What Surrounds You

I called a pause to my busy day yesterday.

It was a long day, from about 6:30 am until 9pm. I needed a break. So, at some point I felt very polite as I spoke to the needs that must be handled. “Just a moment. Please.” No frustration. No backlash, or disgruntled look…

For a brief moment I leaned back from my computer and looked at the wall over the monitor. I was struck with several obvious images, and then I had to pause and think.

We often surround ourselves with the things that give us comfort. Hope. Direction. Inspiration. A treasure, or something that represents a treasured place, or thought. Since my computer faces the corner of the room, there are only walls to put up treasured items to speak to me in my pauses.

Directly in front of my view, first, is my picture of me holding Emma the day she came home from the hospital. Then, the picture of my kids from grade school years. They know which one I’m talking about. My Myron Rosenberg picture of Anchorage, some wooden post cards from our Alaska Cruise, a John Deere thermometer, and a trivet with the map of Alaska. To my left is the outside window, and I love to pause and see what the weather is doing, and are the hills covered with snow. To the right is a treasure shelf with mementos of various portions of life, including coffee cups from my daughter and sister, old cameras from my youth, and the two remaining dominoes from my 7th or 8th birthday party. A favored red rubber knife from the early 60’s – back when the rubber used to be stiff enough to poke an eye, or draw blood!

Each brings a treasured memory and thought. And that’s why I surround myself with them.

What was obviously missing?

  • A picture of my bride. We don’t do photographs, and do not enjoy the experience of false smiles for the camera. Still, I must make up for this slight. She is my best treasure. I love this picture from DC at the Korea War memorial. Both our fathers served during this time.
  • A picture of my siblings. We are spread across many miles and seldom ever get together, much less have time to take pictures. I was just with my brothers last week and failed to take any meaningful snapshots!
  • A picture of my parents. Any picture I might have would be from years ago as they are not excited about getting their pictures made. Still, I have a picture in my files from their dating days… I must find it…
  • No images of the automobiles of my past that I like to discuss so much. Hmmmm… Falcon, Dart, Dodge Pickup…

I mean, my computer contains my life and most everything is digitized. I must make amends to my office space and suggest some serious adjustments are in order!

Since a challenge nearly 2 years ago, I have slowly cleaned out my office of the clutter, but it will never be a show piece, rather, it’s a place I live and hibernate at times from the onslaught of the world around me. One boss had a mantra back in the 80’s, “A clean desk is a sign of someone with not enough to do.” Either fire them, or get them busy!

My Favorite Bible

It’s like opening the pages of a savored book. You know which one I’m talking about. It’s the one about which I write the most.

Each page has something to say, and you can flip to any part of the book and find something familiar. Comforting. Challenging. Inspirational.

These are the days I wish I still had my first study bible, but I’ve passed it on, so other bibles will do. And I am blessed with Bibles! With my digital versions I know there must be over 200 different bibles available to me at the drop of a hat! Multiple languages, commentaries, and sizes. Parallel bibles that let me compare several at the same time. Even bibles that come in chronological order so you can read the history of God and man in sequential order.

So. What do you surround yourself with? What comforts you? Inspires you? What gives you hope that the day has value? What travels with you, day in and day out?

I have a wonderful treasure;
Given from God without measure;
We will travel together;
My Bible and I.



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