That Moment You Feel Disconnected

That Moment You Feel Disconnected…

Gum Wall…Ugh…

You know. We have all been in situations when it seemed like there was no harmony in the experience. You know. Sight and sound has turned topsy turvy and nothing seems to be flowing correctly into your sensory organs. Your brain cannot make sense of the moment.

It may be due to a sickness, or a mental block to what you are experiencing, but something doesn’t feel right.

I felt this recently. Pikes Place Market. I’ve a little cold running through my system, so this may all be a reflection of meds, lack of sleep and the discomfort that comes from suffering around others. My mental acuity did not feel just right, but the sights and sounds were a little jarring, almost like a band not in tune with other members. Jingle. Jangle. Clash.

It sets you on edge, unable to enjoy the moment as much. The crowds of people. The rapidly changing weather. Rain. Wind. Sun. Did I mention the crowds of people? Way too crowded for me.

A lot of this experience was similar to what I sampled in the Jerusalem markets, but that was an exciting experience. New. Different. It felt comfortable then. But currently? Must be the cold. Or whatever it is.

Made me think about the disconnection we often feel in our own lives with those we love and trust, friends, co-workers, and all the hot news of the day. Disjointed. Out of sorts. Hard to make sense of what’s happening around you…

I read that Tony Romo is struggling with finding his place in his new normal world, and distancing himself from his old normal. “… it’s just a lot of limbo.

Limbo. Good analysis. Uncomfortable with what you were, or what you may soon be. Discombobulated.

At Pike’s I take my wallet and put in a zippered coat pocket… That’s the kind of weird… There, but not. Neither here, nor there… but where?

The best thing to do? Retreat to a place of feeling safe and comfortable. Out of the crowds and discordant sights and sounds. A dark corner. Hot cup of dark roast coffee. Silence. Peace. Quiet.

But you have so much responsibility on your plate and that retreat cannot happen. Just yet. So you “buck up” and persevere till the ending of the trip. Ahhhaaa… Sweet retreat. Nice, cool, dark corner of the house. Pillow. Quiet. Shhhh…..! Home.