Family and Friends, We Need

We all need Family and Friends.

And the closer we keep them, the better. I read an article yesterday that quotes the US Surgeon General as stating:

“… the most prevalent health issue in the country is not cancer or heart disease or obesity. It is isolation.” ~Vivek Murthy

The health issue we should worry about is not a disease. But we often stress and worry ourselves sick over that potential disease that’s just waiting in the wings to jump us when we least need it.

Isolation can be a precursor to some dangerous results!

Isolation is what they do to prisoners who struggle with other inmates and need to be punished, or pulled apart for their own good. Isolation is what happens to people with a contagion and everyone wears protective gear when they come around you. Isolation training is what astronauts deal with for their weeks and months separated from the umbilical of planet Earth. Isolation is what we feel when struggle with a problem and we do not feel like anyone else cares. You know…

Nobody likes me
Everybody hates
Go out to the garden and eat worms
Big fat juicy ones

You get the picture. No one wants to be around you. For whatever the reason.

Or, you withdraw from everyone. For whatever reason.

This is a gender specific issue. Men and women respond to isolation differently. Want to read a good article about this?[Click Here]  Essentially, women connect with women differently than men. Men need a common activity around which they can connect, and stay connected. It’s good for men to get together and do something. Together.

This is something my dad does.
Several times a week, early in the morning,
he gathers at a local Walmart
and meets other guys over a cup of coffee.

The article also shows us something else. When women get together, they meet face to face. Men meet shoulder to shoulder, looking at the world. That’s why sporting events are good for men to go to. Together.

There are times to draw apart, and there are times to come together. We need to know when we are isolating (yes, a verb), and recognize that it’s a dangerous path to follow….

Last night, the ladies of our church coordinated a pizza and game night. About 25 of us came together and played Bunco for a couple of hours. Laughter at every table! Tears of happiness over a good dice roll! One guy even fell out of his chair over a bad roll and we all had a good laugh! Camaraderie. Team building. Getting to know each other. Better. And that’s good stuff!

And everyone got to know me and my bride better… That’s good stuff!