Busy, Busy, Busy

Life has a way of getting busy

Dominoe - 001It seems there is no break in the schedule. Everything goes from peak activity to peak busyness. No valley’s of down time. Constant flow of energy from one task to another. Almost a breathless pace.

But in reality, life has a cycle, just like the seasons. Times of cold and slow, times of hot and fast, and all those in between times that work hard at pretending to be busy, or not…

Maybe your week is like this. Monday pushes hard and fast to show everyone exactly how rapid the pace will be. Catching up with work from last week, and laying out the plans for the days ahead. New work piles up faster than old tasks are completed.

Then a new wrinkle shows up. You get a cold and the medicine makes you droopy, or someone calls and there is an unscheduled emergency that needs your attention. Maybe the car breaks down, a check gets lost in the mail, or the dog runs away.

One more stressor, just one more thing, and you know that proverbial camel will fracture. What do you do? How do you handle the load? How do you de-stress the moment?

If you are anywhere close to this load of busy, then you should already be looking for the avenue of escape! A quick internet search shows you there are 3, 10, no, wait, 20 ways to take the stress off the moment. None of them look like they will give you needed relief.

What to do….?

Each of us respond differently to stresses, and each knows what it takes to refocus the mind for a momentary relief. Close your eyes. Deep breath. Think of something that has no added pressure. Day dream. Brief walk. Quiet corner. Dark. Ahhhaaa… Relief…

Some decades ago I was responsible for the 24 hour production operation of my companies data processing. Not the people, or the building, but the processing of applications that happened every day, all day. And all night. I had staff on every shift. At times it felt like the weight of the world rested on my shoulders. Especially when the dominoes start collapsing. You feel like you are alone. Responsible for the collapse, and struggling to find out how to stop it.

When you are not operating at peak efficiency in your life, then these struggles are made worse by the flux of multiple priorities. We’ve heard the old saying, “Happy wife. Happy life.”. And while it is true that a spousal problem multiples the load, very few of us have the surety that the personal life never encroaches on the professional life. I’ve known folks who have had loved ones dying at home, and admirably they shouldered their load at work. Maybe they make a good show of it, but there are priorities we should never have to choose one as more important than the other.

Here’s my thought for today. You need to know what your options are that will give you the break you need when the stresses pile up. You need to take ownership of your own safety and security in the midst of storms.

Be responsible. Don’t break down. Don’t fall apart. Don’t break the camel.




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