Big Hands, Helping Hands

I am blessed with big hands…

I always thought I was blessed with big hands that were strong for a purpose. Hands so big that it’s hard to find gloves that fit. Wrists so large that you always had to add extra links to a watch band so it would fit. Big hands… Until I met someone with even bigger hands than mine. My fingers will span over 10 inches between little finger and outstretched thumb, but I met a man who’s hands were so much bigger that mine felt swallowed in a hand shake.

Big hands are good for some things, terrible for others. I would not want a dentist with hands like mine… Just saying. They would be in the way of the the important job of repairing my teeth!

My hands have always been strong enough to do just about anything I need them to do. My outstretched fingers cannot even reach around my wrist. My hands are strongly anchored to my body with strong wrists than handle tough jobs.

But the one thing I take note of, big hands do not necessarily mean they know what to do and are merely instruments to be used for good, or bad.

You’ve heard the old saying, “To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Well, big hands often mean you get to handle the tough jobs. You know, like opening that jar of pickles! But the older I get, the more I realize that there are tough jobs that do not require big hands, and sweeter jobs that just need hands to show how much you care. Smarter hands. Kinder. Gentler.

When little ones run up to me at church with arms out wide, these big hands get to pick them up and hold them tight. When older ones come up to shake my hands, these big hands get to treat them like the young adults they are becoming, while at the same time love on them like the youngsters they still hide behind. And to all the kids at church, these big hands of mine love to say “hello” and “I love you”.

You see, these big hands of mine are an extension of who I am. With a pastoral and grandfatherly love, I enjoy these kids dashing around my feet, playing with each other, bringing me drawings, and showing their latest toy. I want to be there for them through their trials and tears, joys and laughter. I want to show them good ways of extending their own love to others around, and how to live respectful in their pursuits.

So. Judge your hands not by their size, rather by the love they extend to others around them. The fortunate, as well as the less fortunate. The lovable, and those that need great love. Let you hands be an extension of your heart.


Big hands, little hands, hands that fit just right.
Warm hands, graceful hands, hands that squeeze too tight.
Grasping hands, shaking hands; an extension of your smile.

Clapping hands, creative hands, hands folded to pray.
Daddy hands, baby hands, hands that tickle in play.
Sharing hands, loving hands; an expression of your heart.

Working hands, healing hands, hands that wear a glove.
Skilled hands, talking hands, two holding hands in love.
Giving hands, helping hands; an impression of your soul.

Mommy hands, grandma hands, a gentle caring touch.
Father’s hand, a guiding hand, teaching me so much.
God created all these hands; a manifestation of His love.

Author: Kay Mills [Source]