These Past 13 Years

These past 13 years…

We have just passed celebrating 13 years of our church plant in Lacey. No celebration service, or special mentions. During the same time, it’s been one of the most unique experiences of life. Perhaps it’s simply the times we are living in, but it has also been those years as you approach your 50’s, 60’s, and gasp! 62…. That’s the age you can start drawing social security! If you want…

But also, as you get closer to your aged years it seems there all kinds of opportunities to hang out in medical facilities. You know, you seem to become connected to doctors, hospitals, procedure rooms, laboratories, and all kinds of waiting rooms. You hear all the whispered intimate details of someone’s issues, and you just sense the germs, disease and fear floating on the air puffs of everyday breath, and from every air conditioning vent. Lurking in every dark corner, and spoken about behind closed doors, is the truth many do not want to hear.

For some, it is almost as bad as airplane air! Recycled, unfiltered, and full of every exhaled breath of germs, smells, and particulates. Enclosed. No way to escape it. 

If you are a germ-aphobe, stay away! If you fight the fear of disease and sickness – stay home!

But, if you have a deeply held internal view that you have a purpose and ministry, then, as a pastor, and as a family man, you embrace the privilege of being with others going through the stresses of life. And hoping that some will be there for you when you face similar times.

Just as yesterday was my time to spend with my wife in a procedure and waiting area, I realize how many people come in, and leave, depending upon a significant other that holds their hands through the tough times. Up and down the atrium, cardiologist, labs, sleep centers, gastro centers, and who knows what else was being dealt with by people facing their fears head on.

Documents are being signed to indicate wishes should there be a problem. With no deeper thought than the minute, loads are being shifted from one person to another.

And the money spent in that building those early morning hours. How much did it cost every single one of us to face and fight the ailments we all fear. Out of pocket, our experience cost us 3 times what it did 5 years ago. The medical system is drowning its’ users with fear of how to pay for all the ways to keep us alive and healthy.

Well. Let me stop this rambling before I go down paths I’m not interested in writing about!

13… I was born on the the 13th. Some feel it’s an unlucky number, but for me it represents life! These past 13 years have been good to me. I feel the weight of elder decisions based upon my past, but at the same time I enjoy the opportunity of experiences yet to come. I keep wanting to make better choices, and I’m working on some things that will be a visible witness, at the same time, there will be some internal choices you will never grasp…as well as some eternal choices I hope will be celebrated at some future time.

Do not wait until life has passed you by and you are in a waiting room for some doctor to help you understand what’s going on…No. Make good choices now. Everything I read tells us that making choices can change the results we fear. Don’t let 13 be a gamble, rather, let it be a decision to change.

Praying for you!