Early Mow

Early Mow:

(Click for Audio) It’s supposed to be hot this weekend. For me, that’s just about anything over 60 degrees! So, I take advantage of the cool time when I can, and when I need to. I skipped most of my early morning routines and fired up the tractor and started knocking down the 2 acres that represents my front yard. I mowed the back half acre yesterday morning, and the remaining pasture will get mowed again with the brush hog one day next week.

Fortunately, my neighbors are not too close and most of them are leaving for work and school as the tractor weaves out of the back yard and into the wet grass up front.

Some want to mow on the weekend and work their off days. Not me. I want to mow during the week so I can enjoy my downtime.

Back in my younger days I would mow for the extra money needed to put groceries on the table. For about 8-9 months a year, yards in Texas needed a weekly clipping. I would start early, push that mower for hours, going house to house in my truck, and driving with the windows down to drip dry the sweat off my brow. For hours my clothes would be wet, until I got home and took a cool shower. Back then, mowing time was not as important as it is today. Back then it was all about money. Filling in the missing dollars so my bride could stay at home with the new born kids. It was that important!

As a kid, pre-school years, I remember my dad mowing while we were inside taking naps. I know where I get my sweat gene’s  from! And this was just one little suburban yard. Later in life, dad asked to mow my yard when we were in Anchorage. We both had this thing for mowing…and I wonder if he used the time like I do today?

Today, my time on the tractor is an important part of my life.

It used to be simply the riding mower, but after wearing out several of them too soon I upgraded to a large beast and enjoy the faster stronger time in the saddle.

Why is this important? Some have called me an introvert, and I will admit to loving “me” time with no one around. But, it’s also the time spent analyzing life, personal issues, business and church challenges, national and international situations, and determining what I need to do about any of it. Some would much rather take a long walk, and still, others, I’m sure, would just as soon go shopping. If tractor time doesn’t work out, then a couple of hour drive will always clear the cobwebs.

While I am weaving around rocks, stumps, trees and all the snaggles of the yard, I imagine how I could best handle stuff. The beauty of it? No one interrupts me. No one is at home. It’s just me and my yard, and some quality thinking time. This time allows me to truly analyze without having to rush to my documentation tools, because if there is one thing I struggle with the most is not documenting the options and solutions as they appear, lest they slip out of sight and out of mind.

A friend back in Texas seems to have the skills of remembering everything on his schedule without having to put any of it on a calendar, or look it up to see what a particular day has in store… Not me. My calendar is racked full of events that affect me, including others that are traveling that will leave me without assistance or backup.

So. This morning. Tractor Time. Early.

You know what happened? I figured out the meaning of life! Truly! It did not come in a flash, rather a long slide into home base… It was like watching it slow motion. The closer the runner gets to home, the clearer life looks to me.

Now, I can’t tell you the answer because you would not be able to handle it. But if you ever have some private time and you think it’s all figured out, then come check with me…let’s compare notes… Because I, truly,  have the answer!