A Fresh Brew, Fresh Memory

A Fresh Brew, Fresh Memory:

(Click Here for Audio) Coffee was heavily used at social and family gatherings, back in my younger years. Still is. True, being from the south, Sweet Tea was our normal mealtime drink, but there was something about brewing a pot of coffee and getting a “warm up” through out the evening that perks through my mind this morning.

This was normal life.

During the first 30 years of life I mostly remember Maryland Club coffee. The history is blurred in my mind, but there was a time that it was owned and marketed by Cocoa Cola. Or something like that. Was it roasted on Navigation Blvd? I think so. No time to research just now, but I did find where I wrote about my love of coffee several years ago. (Click Here for a good read!) Must be important to me.

Coffee and memories, go hand in hand together!

These days my coffee habit changes with the times. Single cup servings are enjoyed with Starbucks Via, and the Keurig system. I am constantly looking for that better tasting single cup coffee that tastes like fresh brew! Dark roast. Strong. Hot. Nothing in it. It keeps the creative juices flowing!

When in Israel, a number of times we were offered coffee that was brewed very strong, and with the grounds left in. Different and unique, true, and an acquired experience, more true! But something you will never forget! I strained grounds with my teeth, and kept finding left overs for hours afterwards!

While in Jordan, visiting Petra, this unique guy passed me buy with his coffee brewing gear hanging from the burro. He was on his way to setup shop for all the tourists. I wanted to follow him, but time would not allow.

This memory will stay with me for life.

Here’s my thought. You need things to keep memories of the past alive. Mom has a special stoneware cup that I’ve used at her house for, goodness, 40 years or so. Some day that cup will make it into my hands, but it will probably be after they are gone. It will be the “memorial” that I will use to keep their memory alive, and maybe even pass it on to the next generation.

Today, being Memorial Day weekend, there will be many visits to Memorial sights to remember those who lost their life in defense of our country. It’s good to go to these places, but it is even better to have something personal in your hands that will remind you of those who have come and gone. I have a number of things from prior generations that are simply memorials of their time spent, and the source for sharing stories as we pass around the memento.

I’m chatting with a cousin as I write and she is responsible for clearing out the house of Grandmother Simmons sister, who recently passed away. There is so much history and memory found and fondly remembered. And that’s worth more than all the wealth that others will seek.

Like water through open hands
We oft let memories slip away.
But there is something that will never pass
If we keep memories alive inside.
We remember
The reason and hope of our existence.
Memories. Memorials. Mementos.