First Morning Cup

First Morning Cup:

(Audio Here) I always enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning, and I’m learning to wait until just the right time to enjoy it, and I’m learning to make it a savored moment.

It must be hot. Dark. No cream or sugar. Full of aroma. Perfect.

While traveling, one of the worst moments might be that early morning experience of a good cup of coffee! I try to go prepared with backup solutions. Portable coffee that will make the moment acceptable. I read and re-read a post apocalyptic novel every so often and the sad thing that many of the characters miss? A good cup of coffee….

I do worry about that kind of a day!

I’ve learned to enjoy the roasted bean, no matter it’s source… Just make it hot. Dark. No cream or sugar. Full of aroma. Perfect.

Every so often I will find a coffee that is just the epitome of the finest coffee to be found anywhere. I savor it. Brag on it. Enjoy it immensely…And then I find another one. And another one. Suddenly I realize. They’re all good for the moment that you get to enjoy them! So enjoy them appropriately…

Coffee and tea aficionado’s seem to have the enjoyment of each cup down to a science, as well as an art. It’s almost like you need to be schooled in the history, appreciate the style of preparation, and how to enjoy the finished product. I read about people like these, but have never really met anyone who understands the history, preparation, or process.

There is one group of travelers I like to pay attention to, Globe Trekkers. They have hosted several travel shows tracking tea and coffee from their roots of history and into the present day. According to a recent travel venture, the coffee bean came from Ethiopia, made it into Arabia, swept through Europe by the Viennese, and finally crossed into the Americas where it is enjoying a revival through artisan and big time roasters…

I think I want a roaster!

Through the years it was important to collect mugs from locations visited. They would remind me of the time, place and pure enjoyment of the trip. I have mugs from 30 years ago that are kept for just the purpose of memory. I seldom use them because I want them to last, and last, and last… Until the day of weeding comes because there is no more room and the uncomfortable mugs make the trip to Goodwill.

It’s a sad day in my household when one of these mugs shatters because of careless handling. I had a few homemade favorites sitting on a shelf in my office… And then the shelf fell. All the cups survived except for the one my sister had made. It was a gift from a few years ago and had a picture on the cup of the 4 siblings at our grandparents place standing at a swing set. I was about 5 or so, so that puts my sister around 2 or so… It looked like a “HOT” summer day and in today’s world it would have been one of the miserable times for me! But the cup is sitting next to me right now, trying to get up the courage to say, “It’s okay. The trash is the only place left for me.”

It’s a hard decision to make… Wait… She’ll be here tomorrow! Maybe she’ll know what to do… Details soon.

I hope you have a good coffee day!



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