That Time In Between

That Time in Between:

(Click for Audio) What do you do with the time you have between things? That time in between visitors? Busy and slow times? Morning breaks, and afternoon breaks? It is probably not enough time to start something new, but it could be enough time to read another page or two in a book, think a good thought, or recall a favored memory from the time before…

My bride and I are at the point this morning of enjoying some “in between” time. We’re in between visitors. My sister is retiring and relocating, so it was only natural that she make her first stop of adventure in our fair state! Who better to visit with than her favorite and oldest brother! We happen to be on a stay-cation for 2 weeks, so it was extra nice to have her hang out and enjoy some “catch-up” time.

Then, in 2 days, our granddaughter will be with us for 4 days and we’re anxious and excited about getting her for some “Camp Gramma and Grampa” time…

My blog has been silent for a few days of nice busy, and may be again when the 4 days of Action! rolls around, so I will spend a little time today organizing my blogging thoughts and share a few things.

In between time? Since we are at home? We’ll make full use of the time to prepare ahead. There’s a garden bed to work in, a jeep to charge up, some goodies to stock up on, and…wait for it…time to store up some strength for camp time!

Yesterday, we spent the day with my sister just browsing around and getting her used to how life can be spent in the Lower 48 when you are in the Pacific Northwest. A vintage and antique resale shop, a plant nursery or two, hardware store for ideas, lunch at a favorite steak house, and then some veg time on the back porch enjoying the hummingbirds and barn swallows buzzing our heads, and the verdant green of a yard that is in full growth mode and needs a buzz saw to control the burst.

Remind me!
I must put up some web cams next year
To catch the spectacular beauty and antics
Of birds and yard!

As we traversed the day, my mind kept working on things that are on my schedule that I need to get done quickly, and orderly. I realized, this is how many of us spend our “in between” time – constantly keeping our minds busy and our subconscious cementing details, so that things are ready when they are needed.

There’s a major project or two I’m needing to focus on, so, today, now that my sister has continued her adventure, I will roll up to my desk, ready my computer and phone, open my task scheduler, and start knocking things from one column to the next. “To Do” is now “DONE“! It feels good to slowly empty the tasks list, because it will never go away. There is always something to get done!

And…never let your mind grow stale! Keep filling it with things of beauty, wonder and future. What that old chest of drawers may look like if you decide to let it naturally waste way outside but fill it full of plants and mementos…. I’m just saying, my eyes, ears and mind are always filling the “in between” time with ideas to make the day feel even more productive than before!

Now, in between this blog and the day ahead of me, I wish a day for you that is Spectacular! And in the words of a favorite science and fiction author:

“May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.” ~Robert A. Heinlein [Source]

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