When You Remember

When You Remember:

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I remember what it’s like to not remember,
And wonder if you really understand.
I remember what it’s like to not remember
What it is like to have kids in the house.
You know, those really short humans
That have an unbridled amount of energy!
Those youngsters who have an unknown
Number of questions about EVERYTHING!
Little ones that can run and play,
Play and run you into the G-R-O-U-N-D!
I remember what it’s like to not remember,
The times when kids were a constant reminder
Of family, and love, and hope, and joy…

I remember what it’s like to not remember,
That it is important to pace yourself all day,
So captured nuggets of time framed for sweet relief,
And night becomes a welcome end to a seemingly long day…
Just to get ready, all over again, For tomorrow…Today!

I am glad for the time of remembering.

With sweet Emma here for Camp Gramma and Grampa, we remember how much we forget what it was like to have young ones in the house. But it is a sweet time of playing, and reading, and surprise, and amazement at the amount of energy kids expend and never seem to wear out. She tries to get the neighbors horses to run with her down the 400 feet of common fence line…. “Come on, Grampa!” Watching out for the moles mounds because we should be kind to all animals. Ducking from birds because surely she’s learned there are huge birds that can pick her up and fly her away! And playing hide and seek through the half-acre woods we keep as barriers between us and neighbors. “Look, there’s some sap! Come, Granma, let me show you!” All the way to the end of the day when roasted marshmallows seem to be the perfect way to close her day – storing up energy for tomorrow, and that time is here, today!

I am glad for the time of memories stored for the future to be recalled…Pictures and finished drawings to keep us from forgetting what it’s like to remember the times of kids in the house.

I am glad for memories!