My Dad, When I Was Young

My Dad, When I Was Young:

I always knew Dad loved me, and us.

I always knew he tried hard, and his best.

The transitions of life were difficult. Hard at times.

I can only imagine those major moves in life.

Young, one of nine. Share cropper. Air Force. Deployed. Married. Kids.

He never told us it would be easy, but he wanted it better.

For my mom, his parents…and us.

He worked hard, and never seemed to goof off.

His work ethic was sweat, and I take that much from him every day!

Perfect? None of us are.

The Best? How can anyone claim this title.

Labels, and all they are meant to be,

Are only what each of us see in the dad’s of our lives.

So, boast and proclaim, but take a hint

Be sure and love this man you call dad…

I know I do.

Happy Father’s Day!



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