Who Motivates You?

Who Motivates You?

(Click for Audio) It’s Sunday evening. The ending rays of Father’s Day are closing out the evening light. The trees are filtering the sun’s warm beams into cool shadows. Dogs are fed. Calls are made to those I needed to talk to, and an evening thought came that will be shared Monday morning.

Why write this on Sunday?

The thought is fresh and it feels like it needs to be birthed. I will write for a moment, pause, think, and add a few lines, re-write, think it through and move on to the next sentence. My normal habit for a blog post, but it may take me hours till I’m finished. Tonight.

During this past 24 hours I have had a number of personal friends and family members wish me Happy Father’s Day. From near, and far. I’ve watched all the social media posts of people acknowledging their dad as the Best Ever, and No One Comes close…. Some are with us, others are not. Some I know, and some I’ve never had the opportunity to meet.

But all the accolades cannot be true for everyone.
For you maybe. But not for me.
I can compare your thoughts with my own,
And maybe we think the same on some things…

But it’s my thought that makes me write slower tonight, think it through deeper, and pray it makes some sense. To someone.

We need motivators in our lives. Someone or something that causes each of us to step up and do better. Someone from our past, and others from our present, but always someone from tomorrow. It’s not that we need a motivating speech from some professional story teller, but words cause our creative juices to flow, and a temporary speaker can help us improve. We need something that makes us try harder to be the best, reach the next level, go the extra mile. Maybe our bucket is half empty, but there are ways to make it fill up quickly.

It will be left up to us to make sure our bucket gets filled as necessary.

You may have someone in your life that is your “go to” motivator, but I think the truth is we need multiple avenues from where our motivation comes. One may motivate to be a better parent, or spouse, another may challenge us to perform in our calling. Still, there are others who are not part of our daily life that create an impetuous need in our mind to reach out and become more than we ever thought possible.

It’s not a famous person I turn to, although there are some I enjoy listening to. No. I find most of my motivation in everyday people. A neighbor who shows me how to consistently be a better person to neighbors around him. A fire Marshall who pops in annually and gives me a spark of friendship.  A mother who shows the true love of a parent with a crying child. A store clerk displays a friendly demeanor in the face of negative customers. Even that customer service rep who has to learn to be nice to a nasty personality.

It turns out that I find my best motivators come from those around me. Daily. From old to young, there are many who give me my framework of betterment.

But here’s my thought for today… Too often we are needy. In need of a motivator. We yearn to find someone new. Different. Exciting. Perhaps well and good, but you cannot continually be a sponge, soaking it up.

The reality of life is that you have to learn to give back. Who are you motivating? What do you do, daily, that motivates someone else to become their personal best. Maybe it’s no one you know, but imagine there are people motivated by the very life you live. Daily they watch your faithfulness, friendliness, and enjoy feeling like they know you at your best, and learn from you at your worst.

But whether you find motivation, or give it, you need to refresh yourselves daily with motivating thoughts.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~Zig Ziglar

A morning devotional thought gets me going. A word from God. A season of prayer. Some motivational thoughts from some favorite people. Then. I’m ready to face my day and be the motivator I was meant to be.