Grandmother’s Recipe Box

Grandmother’s Recipe Box

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Both of my grandmother’s had special dishes I simply enjoyed. It was something about them just throwing it together without any plan or thought, and the ending result was just perfect. Grandma always made me bread pudding! Grandmother had a special chocolate cake! Regardless of where you were, if these dishes showed up, then you knew you had their best!

My Grandma passed away the weekend she was going to teach me how to make bread pudding. I’m sure now that the best testing bread pudding I will ever taste is that last one back in the late 70’s, and it is in my mind the tastiest dish she could have ever made. Just for me.

My Grandmother passed away in 1993, and though I will never have her chocolate cake ever again, she did leave behind a surprise in all of her personal belongings as we sifted through the remnants of her life. She left behind recipes! In a special box! With her writing…her handwriting!

Now… I’m sure she had those regular recipe boxes that everyone else had. But at some point she decided that an NBA Basketball Shoe Box made much more sense! Inside are clippings from magazines, snail mail recipes she traded with family and friends, and covering the box, inside and out, are her handwritten recipes. A treasure! Will I ever make any of them? Well, I have. Will I ever make all of them? I doubt it.

But there is something special about holding on to something that has her personal touch on every corner. It was her “go to” place for ideas on cooking her next meal. Listen. I do not ever remember her using this box, and I’m not totally sure how old the box might be, but in my mind I can imagine her pulling it down from a shelf and perusing through looking for something special to cook for special people.

As I look at various recipes something sort of struck me as unusual. At least for today’s crowd. Everything she made was from ingredients she kept on the shelf just ready to be used. Seasonings. Spices. And other goodies. And if she didn’t have it handy, then she probably had an alternative in mind that would make for an even more interesting dish.

Too much of what we do today is a pre-mix package of similar ingredients packaged at a factory and all we do is had water, milk, heat… Presto!

Here’s my thought. I think it’s important to hold on to special treasures like this for the rest of your life! They mean something. To you alone. The next generation will not respect it like you do. It means nothing to them, but it means a lot to you. Work hard on holding on to those mementos from a prior time. Enjoy them. There will come a day when what is important to you will only represent the detritus, the rubble left behind for someone else to choose to treasure, or toss. What you treasure now can still be enjoyed by the generations still to come.

Someday my life will be over.
My treasure trove left behind.
Nothing more than leftovers to some,
Meant to be tossed and lost to time.
But if there is anything I’ve learned,
On this road we call life,
Those that yearn for something from before,
Will dig through and perhaps find
A particular treasure for them
Just waiting to be found.

What treasure are you leaving behind? I want to leave something of visible value, as well as hidden nuggets to be searched out.

Like this nugget you do not have to wait until I’m gone to unravel.

My bride and I are headed for longevity and I wish that how we learned to do it will be a treasure for someone else to discover. We do not fight, and perhaps the good thing is that we never learned to think fighting over something was the way to handle an issue. Get upset? Sure. Have trouble dealing with something? Yep. Not know what to do next? All the time…. But somewhere in our past it just sort of worked out that our friendship was valued and we would never fight.

Or, how about something hidden in plain sight that is a treasure trove that any can have. Here’s my hint…. Let me sing it to you…

I have a wonderful treasure;
Given from God without measure;
We will travel together;
My Bible and I.