43, Still Counting

43, Still Counting:

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Driving my bride to work this morning, she said, “We don’t get on each other’s nerves’s do we.” Perhaps that’s a strange way of saying we’re uniquely compatible with each other, but toss in 45 years of love that is constant and you may just have the equation to a long and successful marriage.

We agreed last night. No gifts. No cards. Nothing special to surprise the other. As we climbed into the car this morning she was the first to say, “Happy Anniversary!” She beat me to it by at least half a second! The words were in my mouth but she spoke them first!

Are we perfect in our love? Nope. Do we keep putting the other one first? Yep. What makes it tick? I’d have to say it’s a God thing that we found each other, and it’s a God thing that keeps us going in the face of so many failures. But it is also something within each of us that tends to stick things out regardless of opposition.

This may be a poor example,
but the combined mileage
of both our vehicles is about 475,000 miles.
We hang onto things
even when it could be seen
as wise to swap out
for a newer model…

From a drive-up teller window at First State Bank of Greens Bayou in 1972 where my future mother-in-law was training me to be a teller, till that last glance of her as she walked into her job this morning where she is one of the most faithful and steadfast workers I know, it’s all been about how we learn to make each other happy, and content, and seek success for the other. We both learn to give up on certain things for the sake of the other.

It’s not about me. It’s all about us.

Without sounding mushy, I thank God for giving me the perfect mate. I did not find her because I was looking. I found her because it was right. Timely. Perfect.

Love you sweetie…