Silence Is Golden?

Silence Is Golden?

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We've used the adage for years to take special note of the golden moments of Silence. You know the feeling. That delicious moment when you realize there is no noise! No jangling phones. No other voices. Nothing electronic or mechanical in the background.

Quiet reigns supreme.

I've shared often that I can drive for hours and never think of turning on the radio or playing music. It's my supreme way of enjoying moments of quiet. Road noise and other drivers are the only interference. The loudest noise may be the internal conversations I have with the problems of life that seem to crop up every moment. As with Jeff Dunham, I spend time arguing both sides of an equation, searching for better answers, talking only to myself.

On the other hand, I surround myself with images and articles of silence. Things that can bring calm to my world. My collections, books, photos, mementos and other things that bring comforting silence. This can make for a cluttered experience because I do not require structure or order just to find moments of solitude.

Sitting on the porch this week, observing the quiet domain we call home, the only sound my ears pick up are those pleasant sounds of nature. Birds. Barnyard animals in the distance. Bees. No road or machinery noise. Just the natural world of Silence.

To everything, there is a downside. I've noted it, especially around my porches this week. The birds have gone especially silent. The babies have left the nest, and the entire family moved away. All 5 birdhouses are empty, not even a going away present. The past few weeks, from the time the sun started warming the eastern sky, their raucous noise penetrated my living room. But it was a pleasant noise. You knew what was happening. They were hungry and gobbling every tidbit possible. Building their strength for the first day of air time!There is power in finding and knowing places of quiet and solitude, and having the voice to speak peace and quiet to the storms and clatter of life.

Where did the phrase Golden Silence come from?

The entire proverb is, "Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden." Silence is more valuable than speech, especially when you have nothing to say, especially of greater value than Gold, to add to the conversation. "When E.F. Hutton speaks, everyone listens." Am I speaking to the older folks only? Remember the advertisement from the 70's and 80's? In the midst of all the noise of life, one person shares that his financial advisor is E.F. Hutton, then everyone stops chattering to hear what important words will be spoken next.

We should train ourselves to listen for important noise, and filter out all the chatter around us. And, learn to speak only when we have something of greater value than Gold to say.

In the midst of an especially violent storm, the disciples were fearful of disaster. But Jesus was asleep on a pillow in the back part of the ship. "Teacher! Don't you care that we are perishing?" To which Jesus rebuked the wind, and spoke to the sea, "Peace, be still." Only then was there a great calm on the sea. (Mark 4:38-39)

I find it interesting to note that there are no words recorded of how he rebuked the wind, and with only three words he calmed the sea. Seas rise to their white capped status when the wind whips across the surface. After the wind ceases, the waves take a while to calm down. Jesus had the power to stop the disruptive force, yet he spoke to the unruly seas to speed their calm.

Sometimes, we need not only the calming influence on the sea of life, but we also need an important rebuke that will stop the wind from creating turmoil. Use your Silver Speech to rebuke the problems, and speak calmly to the seas. You have the ability to enjoy the Golden Silence!

Come on! Enjoy the tranquility!