The Morning Routine

The Morning Routine:

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We all have a morning routine, even if it’s not a routine morning.

What’s your order of the morning so that everything gets done and nothing gets missed? Can you document your morning well enough to ensure all the pieces are in place and nothing gets overlooked?

It’s hard to do. My start to a normal day? Well…

Arise, between 5:30 and 6:00. Breakfast, Coffee and News Headlines, in my easy chair. Scripture, and not an established reading plan to get me from Point A to Point B, rather a thoughtful approach to letting Scripture unfold for me as the day may unfold for me….. A devotion of my own making, which includes writing my blog post. Pray and polish my schedule for the day. Get up and get moving!

Well. That’s my normal routine. Care to publish yours?

What about on a non-routine morning? Whoosh! Everything changes and nothing gets done the way I routinely like to get it done. It leaves me constantly feeling like something has been left undone! Especially if it were a restless night!

The other important thing for a good morning? Quiet. Peace. No music or yabbering voice from some newscaster. It has become so important to me to keep control of the racket!

We recently added chickens to our lives. So, even though they put themselves up at night and we lock them in, this only means we have to let them out in the morning. It’s not a chore, but it is a task that must be done. There are only 6 hens and it takes only a minute or so, but, you cannot handle the chickens and ignore the dogs. So, while I write, the dogs have the run of the yard and will eat their breakfast in about an hour!

Now. The fun begins. The day’s schedule starts adjusting to reality. I do have a hospital visit to attend to, several major calls to make, more plans to iron out, tasks to get done and mark off my list… It’s a noisy and busy day…

The one thing I’ve learned is that my routine is different if my bride is with me. Her routine is totally different. When retirement hits it will be a fun to see how we get in sync.

What’s special about your mornings?

Do you need to know what’s happened overnight, or what’s coming to affect your day’s schedule?

We no longer take a paper. The daily comes from our state capital city and it would never get here in time to make it part of my morning routine. I hated to leave the house with a paper still undelivered and then lying around all day at the end of the drive as a beacon to anyone wondering if we were home or not. By the time you finally read, much of the news is upwards of 48 hours old and not daily. Since the internet news is good at giving me headlines, then I start with that and find I’m satisfied. 

Do you quickly check your social media to see if you need to respond to anyone specifically? Do you need to look at the weather forecast? Stock market? Are you that worried about your investments? Run a 10k? Really? Then you better take a shower before going too much further down the list.

Do you repeatedly hit the snooze button?

I’m not good at snoozing the morning away. In fact, if I do set an alarm I’m generally up and hitting the floor long before the first ding. My internal clock is a pretty accurate time piece and I can just tell myself what time to awake. 

What is it you MUST do to kick start your day? Feel like sharing?