Rethink, Clarify and Restate

Rethink, Clarify, and Restate: (Audio)

Every morning, for over the past 15 months or so, I have been praying, asking for, and receiving a fresh morning thought. Maybe this is not unique to you, but when it seems the social world is constantly repeating the same quotes and ideas over and again…well, you can only dress up a pig so many ways, but it will always smell the same.

And when everyone seems to be on the same quote or scripture cycle, then seeing the same idea posted gazillion times a day only makes you question the reality of the world of social mechanics.

As I have repeatedly stated, I agree with Solomon:
There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Yet, I have not heard or learned everything there is to know!

My inquisitive mind keeps searching for a new idea to represent my structured life. A repackaged statement from the right person at the right time will seem like something new. I'm okay with that! I may modify it to my world, report it as better than sliced bread, repeat it outward and pray it will mean something to the right person, at the right time.

Over the past few days, I've taken a few minutes to re-read some of my prior year's post. Am I still on track with the same message of who I am, what I believe, and what I think is important to write about? Looks like it.

I do see things from a different perspective as I move through life, hence my process of rethinking my position and the lessons learned through the years. It's not that my position will change dramatically, but experiences and age seem to paint different hues of the same idea. A few more hills and valleys, sharp turns, and heavier traffic keeps me clarifying my thought process. With a deeper tool box, I can perhaps restate my beliefs and thoughts for a broader and savvy audience.

As I begin this re-thinking, clarifying and restating process, my presentation may not be up to speed and I will revert to some age old techniques as I scope out the future. You know, something as simple as pen and paper, grease board, or, hey…how about Crayola's?

Well, what about Crayola's?
When's the last time you bought something like this for yourself?

Crayola is changing its tools for the beginner, as well as the adult. Crayons meant for kids keep improving, just like those new-fangled coloring pencils for the discerning advanced user is creeping into everyday life. Crayola drops products, colors, and packaging while adding new and improved versions to their product line.

In fact, there's a contest to name a new color! Crayola dropped Dandelion and is adding a strikingly new "BLUE" to the mix. Want to help name it? Click here. Be a part of history!

No… I'm not trying to make you go back to your childhood and relive the joy of crayons! But think about it for a moment. If there is nothing new under the sun, then there's nothing wrong with rethinking your views as if you were a child learning for the first time. How do I hold this crayon? Keep within the borders? Draw freehand and interpret the results for others? Not draw on the walls! How do I put them away for another day?

Why? I was thinking of a technical and scientific article I was reading the other day. No. I did not understand even 1% of it, although I knew the English words! The foundation of knowledge was missing. Hence, if I write, preach, teach or talk and assume everyone knows the same foundation of my background, then what happens with those that know nothing but the language?

They are as lost as I was with that technical article.

This morning, I am beginning a process of rethinking, clarifying and restating some basic beliefs. It's not an exercise in futility, nor will it be a daily regurgitation of my thoughts. Rather, it's an affirming process. It's a documenting path that will show who I am (to me) and affirm my foundation (to me) so that maybe I can communicate better (to you)!

Care to join me? It will not be difficult, nor a deeply thought out process. It will be over the new few months and I will document it with an #RCR hashtag (Rethink, Clarify, Restate) and will create a new category in my blog to clump them all together. Perhaps we will see our foundations are similar or even diametrically opposed.

It may be fun… Let me know. Join me?