I was born in Baytown, Texas, I grew up in Baytown, Deer Park, Seabrook and Channelview, but graduated from LaPorte in 1972 (so I could get out of school early…) Spent a lot of years in IT, mostly supporting various banks and manufacturing companies. My first full-time job was with First State Bank of Greens Bayou where I met my sweetheart. Her mom trained me to be a teller at the age of 17.


2 thoughts on “Texas

  1. Michael, How thoughtful of you to post your thoughts and memories here for all to reflect on. I spent at least 12 summers at Champions Park until around 1965 and remember the Facilities Managers house on the property. Your Dad certainly did a great job of maintaining the park. I have such wonderful memories of family and friends in the park. The Spanish Moss on the Oaks still float around in my memories…they were almost magical in their attraction. I wish the park was still there … I would love to go back there just one more time …especially to be with my family for a cookout and swimming. But we can’t go back…only keep moving onward and upward. My parents have left this life now but the sweet memories will never fade away. My grandfather was Charlie Leonard and he and my great uncles all retired from Champions by the 70’s. I grew up in Deer Park and graduated from DPSH in 1965. Thanks for jogging my sweetest memories of my childhood. Laura Kelso, Nashville, Tennessee.


  2. Hello Laura!

    I am surprised you found my blog, even more surprised to real how small our world is. Some of my best childhood memories are wrapped up in Seabrook. From schooling with the kids from the astronaut program, to camping out with Scouts in the pavilion, to the company park annual employee picnic when Bozo the clown put on his costume in our bedroom! Hurricanes, hot days, crowds, pasture, barn, the scary bull that lived in the “forest” next to the house, swimming lessons, the dock at the lake, the big house, etc. ! It was a great time growing up there.

    Mom and Dad are living in Pearland, Tx, next to my two brothers. I will pass along this post to mom who frequents this blog.

    Blessings and thanks for writing!


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