Pushing Buttons

Some are good at “pushing buttons” and you know who you are! It takes a really special technique to get yourself in trouble when your own button is pushed.   Especially by someone like Calvin! I’ve learned it’s easy to push buttons, but harder to not respond when someone attempts to get a reaction from […]

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Why Do People Hurt?

Why Do People Hurt? (Audio)

Early this morning, reading the news, some favorite blogs, and some daily Words from Scripture, I had this odd question pop into my mind. Why do people hurt? Why do we need to know the stages of grief? (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance) Why do we continue to hold on to our hurts even when we have obviously passed through all the known stages? How do we deal with the source of our hurt? And, by the way, who is the source of the hurt we feel?

Of course, I have no real answers. I can only surmise the dilemma based on my own experiences. As a thinker, I think I have a view that may be the foundation.

It's betrayal. Betrayal is probably one of the hardest "emotions" to overcome. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Stab me in the back. Tell falsehoods. Post the negatives, and gloss over the positives. A huge loss of trust! With a lot of the other hurts, we know we can get even. There's satisfaction found in our reaction to others.

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Let’s Get Real!

Let's Get Real!   (Audio Version)

Last week, a conversation included the concept of people saying they want to be a "realist". I'm not sure what others mean it to be, but the dictionary simply tells me that a realist is "a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly." Maybe somethings wrong with the word, or the definition. I thought we lived in a world of realism!

Too real? Is anything "too real?" Probably not. Then the obverse must be true. Too false? Is anything "too false?" Well, except for the fantasy of Hollywood, comic books, graphic novels and all other fiction stories! Oh. And lest we forget Reality TV shows…they are a total fake.

Then, last night I awoke for some reason, maybe my subconscious was facing something that my awake mind had not even considered. It was a stark and terrifying thought that left me feeling like it's "too real" and I don't even want to think about it. So much for being a realist. Real or not, it kept me from getting back to sleep. Breakfast at 4 am anyone?

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Another Day, Another Time

Another Day, Another Time:


Backyard Morning Musings

It's Tuesday afternoon and I'm straightening some shelves…cleaning up some books from one stack to another until they find the final stack. I picked up a favorite, "Flags of Our Fathers" by James Bradley (with Ron Powers) and found a note sticking out of the beginning of chapter 9 where was found this unique quote:

"Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem." ~Ronald Regan

Good book. Good quote. But what was on that note? Some names. Friends from a long time gone by, and from more recent times. Why was the note here? Was I planning some task that involved them? Were they connected to this quote? Let's see if they have anything in common. Melody. Mark. Darin. Mickey. Ray. David. Several of these names are from folks I've known over 30 years. Some I've met only since moving to Washington. One only by casual social media connection.

At the bottom of the list of names, in quotes, a phrase: "Another Day, Another Time".

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The Morning Routine

The Morning Routine:

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Alaska Coffee Mug Souvenir

We all have a morning routine, even if it’s not a routine morning.

What’s your order of the morning so that everything gets done and nothing gets missed? Can you document your morning well enough to ensure all the pieces are in place and nothing gets overlooked?

It’s hard to do. My start to a normal day? Well…

Arise, between 5:30 and 6:00. Breakfast, Coffee and News Headlines, in my easy chair. Scripture, and not an established reading plan to get me from Point A to Point B, rather a thoughtful approach to letting Scripture unfold for me as the day may unfold for me….. A devotion of my own making, which includes writing my blog post. Pray and polish my schedule for the day. Get up and get moving!

Well. That’s my normal routine. Care to publish yours?

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Silence Is Golden?

Silence Is Golden?

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We've used the adage for years to take special note of the golden moments of Silence. You know the feeling. That delicious moment when you realize there is no noise! No jangling phones. No other voices. Nothing electronic or mechanical in the background.

Quiet reigns supreme.

I've shared often that I can drive for hours and never think of turning on the radio or playing music. It's my supreme way of enjoying moments of quiet. Road noise and other drivers are the only interference. The loudest noise may be the internal conversations I have with the problems of life that seem to crop up every moment. As with Jeff Dunham, I spend time arguing both sides of an equation, searching for better answers, talking only to myself.

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Life on Eggshells

Life on Eggshells:

This is my personal opinion piece as a result
from several weeks of
thought, research, prayer and devotion.

For the past couple dozen hours or so, I have been reliving a conversation made with some good men. And savoring the feelings of a good start on opening personal views of potentially sensitive and fragile eggshell subjects! You know the old saying, you don't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. And I love omelets!

Sometimes the egg shells are simply the results of approaching a subject that is fragile and difficult to address. Other times they are the results of a hardening of our past views that never change. We are fearful of opening ourselves to other viewpoints, so we do not crack eggs, or the hardened fragments never fully crush under the weight of years of one-sided views.

Some look at eggshells as something fragile to protect,
others want to crush 'em like a bug.

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