I took my first “college” class while a Senior in High School… Those few months of finishing out my senior year, working a full time bank job, and taking a college class has defined who I am and how I do school. The school list is long, and the credits wide and varied, but essentially education was a means for a job – not necessarily a career. In my later life it would seem education has become a career, to which I decided to formalize and complete my degrees. I completed my Masters in Leadership in April, 2011.

I have attempted several other graduate programs but have not found the most perfect fit for me. However, I still take online webinars from people who help me continue learning.

Schools I have been to: Houston Community College, Lee College, Texas Bible College, San Jacinto Jr College, Anchorage Community College, University of Alaska, Texas A&M Summer Journalism Workshops, Patten University, Apostolic School of Theology, Hope International University, Corban University.

I now teach online for Apostolic School of Theology through Hope International University.


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